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Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying


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12 May 2011



Luis Gomez said...

I love these daily rituals in cities.

Ken Mac said...

health is wealth

Leif Hagen said...

Looks like you are enjoying some nice weather! FINALLY, summer has arrived over here after a longggg winter!

Mo said...

Nice place to go for a run

Dianne said...

Lovely morning photo - I would love to be jogging in Milan!

Luis Gomez said...


Sailor said...

Beautiful morning and I can see that the roads are pretty busy or is that the parking-lot?

joana said...

UAU super fabulous!

The Cat Hag said...

If only everyone had the time and the inclination to go on a refreshing morning job. ;)

Love your photos. ♥

The Cat Hag

Jes said...

Awesome blog!!!

Stop by sometime


Jes said...

Awesome blog!!!

Stop by sometime


cristina petre said...

healthy habit and nice photo:)