Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 October 2012


TORRE VELASCA it's a 26 floors skyscraper locates in the center of town.It was built in the 50's,has a peculiar and characteristic mushroom like shape or it can be intepreted as modern middle age tower,it stands out the city skyline.The english newspaper DAILY TELEGRAPH nominated the tower at the number 1 rank as the most disgusting architecture around the world,and i'm agree with it,i'll never see a building so hugly like this.

25 October 2012

23 October 2012


Ask me which is my favourite palace from outside?no doubt:"PALZZO DEGLI OMENONI".Just a little infos about,built in 1565 by artist Leone Leoni to get his house and studio.As you can see the front side is adorned with 8 big men,sculptures was realized by Antonio Abondio.Do you want to know their names?simply you've only to read back their heads and are:"Svevus,Quadus,Adiabenus,Parthus,Sarmata,Marcomanus".For years it was the GIULIO RICORDI house,one of the biggest talent scout ever in music,it discovered GIUSEPPE VERDI,AMILCARE PONCHIELLI and GIACOMO PUCCINI.

20 October 2012


One of the four human virtues in ancient time:temperance,prudence,courage,justice here's represented in a roman bas relief era.

17 October 2012


New aborts in the city,the CESAR PELLI TOWER part of the new Milan skyline,with sun reflections,with an old typical building on the right.

14 October 2012


Some buildings are really disgusting as this,may be some prisons are better,i cant believe an architect was payed to design a building like this without style,harmony and common sense of civil rules.

10 October 2012


That door!!!front side from SANTA MARIA INCORONATA church.It was started in 1450 and completed in 1460,it's a clear example of Late Gothic style.

06 October 2012

EXPO 2015

Milan is the 2015 CITY EXPO and this an handmade taken from the official crest,you can see inside the X an original design taken from LEONARDO DA VINCI.

02 October 2012


Work in progress,moments before the last upper part of CESAR PELLI TOWER was posed.