Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

28 December 2012


Some clear days day the whole ALPS CHAIN is clearly visible from Milan even to most far and higher peaks of Switzerland,Veneto,THE APPENNINI,Piemonte,Val D'Aosta,with a wonderful panorama.Other days as this the most closer are always visible.This is the GRIGNA GROUPS always considered the mountain of Milan.Made by dolomite rock normally it's only 1 hour  by car from the city.From the peak there's a wonderful panorama on the city and on the Po Valley,going hiking reaching the peak,during summer days,it's easy,and there's no difficulties,you can admire even the Como lake.

21 December 2012


It's winter time,cold and snow fall on MILANO TRAM as shortest day of the year in the northern emisphere and first day of winter.

19 December 2012

17 December 2012


The city administration decided to name this new square to the great italian architect called GAE AULENTI (4th dec.1927-1st nov 2102).Gaetana Aulenti is remembered for her works and career worldwide as:Beaux Arts Gare d'Orsay,centre Georges Pompidou,both in Paris.Palazzo Grassi in Venice,Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.Italian Cultural Centre in Tokyo,Santa Maria Novella railway station in Florence,and son on.Honored in France with the Legion of Honour and in Italy with the order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

14 December 2012


An easy image from yesterday night during the LAST SNOW STORM in the city from CESAR PELLI TOWER taken from the ground.

12 December 2012


Season's Greetings!!!this is best CHRISTMAS LIGHTS in the city in my opinion,a great classic,it's outside CARTIER shop.

10 December 2012


An istant point and shoot classic warm winter afternoon capture from CESAR PELLI TOWER,opened to visitors just on December the 8th.This time is not fully illuminated with the italian flag(tricolore)but only with bright white lights on the upper part.Just entered 2 days ago to be part on the new MILANO SKYLINE.

08 December 2012

07 December 2012


Aurelius Ambrosius known as Saint Ambrose(330-397) was one of the four original doctors of the Church.He was the archbishop of Milan and he's the patron saint of the city.It's celebrated in Milan every year during the 7th of december,in the city is holiday,and it's common to associate the waiting for Christmas in town.People starting  their shopping for the 25th of december(christmas day).THE SCALA opening the season with the first opera.In some part of Milan you can go to visit some interesting street markets,people starting eating the typical Christmas'cake THE PANETTONE,invented in Milan more than 500 years ago.This is the church dedicated to the German native Saint,started in 379 and consacrated in 386,inside you can see many arts treasures such as the paints by CAMILLO PROCACCINI on for all where Ambrose stopping on the door the emperor TEODOSIO I wants entering in the church.You can see the body and cript of Saint Ambrose,Gervasius,Protasius and so on.

06 December 2012


CHRISTMAS LIGHTS in  the part of the city know as CHINATOWN,try to guess why?people from China began to be present in the city since the 20's of the past century,most of them are from Zhejian region.

03 December 2012


Going round the city you can see this type of clock on the way,many of them as this,green outside white inside.Clocks works with electric current,since the 1920 thousands of this clocks was placed everywhere,many are with advertisement placed in a banner downside,illumintaed with many light colors inside,not only white.