Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

08 April 2020

02 April 2020

30 March 2020


Milan on lockdown as italy due to COVID 19 from PIAZZA MERCANTI just in the town center.People except vital services quarantined at home to avoid the contamitation is forbidden walking round except for case of needs.Quarantine legally ending 3rd april but the situation is updating day by day,the temporay ending is 31st july.The only thing to do is stay at home.

27 March 2020

24 March 2020


Low lights sunset with view on TECHNICAL CITY SERVICE TOWER (1955-1966) on the left side PALAZZO LOMBARDIA (2007-2011) regional government headquarter.

19 March 2020


The little HOLY MOTHER,mother milan is know worldwide as the city of the LITTLE HOLY MOTHER,because from 1768 to 1960 it was the highest point of the city since when PIRELLI TOWER (1956-1960) was built.Is strictly forbidden be taller than her by law.Everytime in the city a highest tower is built a copy of the LITTLE HOLY MOTHER is placed on rooftop.Here' s a copy on static display at EXPO MILAN 2015.

14 March 2020

10 March 2020


Multiple exposure view for the part of the city named PORTA GARIBALDI with the train station on the left.

07 March 2020


Little Mermaids' Bridge PONTE DELLE SIRENETTE (1840-1842).Originally placed on Via Visconti di Modrone to cross the river,after in 1930 moved to SIMPLON PARK,when the river was filled with dirt,it was the first iron bridge in italy.

03 March 2020

28 February 2020

25 February 2020


Here's the city stadium originally named SAN SIRO (opened 19th,sept,1926),because the only landmark was the church of  San Siro alla Vepra (VIII ac).Homebase of the two football city team F:C. INTER (est. 1908) and A.C. MILAN (est. 1899).On 3th march 1980 was named to the great italian football player two times world champion GIUSEPPE MEAZZA.On the inaugural mactch f.c.inter defat a.c. milan 6-3.Worldwide known as the Football's Temple with the capacity of 75.923 seats. It was renewed three times the last during FOOTBALL WORLD CUP 1990 the upper part was added.In 2009 TIMES ranked the second most beautiful stadium in the world.It was commissione by the great tyres owner company PIERO PIRELLI (1881-1956).

22 February 2020


A must see for who's in the city.ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS OF BRERA (est.1776) by Maria Theresa of Austria.A precious art collection inside.In the mai court you can admire the bronze by ANTONIO CANOVA titled NAPOLEON BONAPARTE as MARS PEACEKEEPING.

14 February 2020

EXPO 2015

Along the way remembers of EXPO MILANO 2015,the city hosted the world expo for the second time with the theme:"Feeding the Planet,Energy for Life".

10 February 2020

07 February 2020


The ancient ROMAN CIRCUS plant in downtown discovered during excavation to build a new palace.

04 February 2020


Another city landmark from the past century the CIVIC ARENA (1805-1807).Used for the first officila football match of ITALY NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM vs FRANCE on 15,may,1910,final score 6-2 for the national team

16 January 2020


Noted for the abundance of artistic tombs and monuments.The MONUMENTAL CEMETERY (1864-1866) is a normal touristic destination in the city.Many italian ad milanese honored citizen was buried here and tombs was deisgned by famous artists worlwide as LUCIO FONTANA,GIO' PONTI,GIACOMO MANZU'.

06 January 2020

04 January 2020


A typical view from the part of the city called NAVIGLI DISTRICT a boat anchored in the DARSENA (1603) as milano's harbour.

01 January 2020