Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 January 2014


Last Sunday a museum was opened dedicated to the jewish deported from the city to AUSCHWITZ extermination camp,where milion was tortured and find the dead .The morning of Jan,30,1944 men,women,childs,olds was took form the city prison SAN VITTORE and deported here.People was upload with endless violence on the train wagons for the dead travel to germany.After 7 days of travel necessary to arrive on the dead camp many was just dead or killed.But,the first train departed from there was on Dec the 6th since the may of 1944.This place known as the RAIL 21 is the lonely memory place to be untouched in Europe,inside you can visit a great museum to better know what war is able to made.

29 January 2014


The public phone.Invented by ANTONIO MEUCCI(the phone),one of the astonishing invention ever.This one of the few remain pubblic due to continuos damages by some idiots and stupids,animals and because nowdays everybody have his personal mobile one.The management decide to reduce the number around because the cost to repair is more expensive than the break even.You can immagine our life without this great invention today?

26 January 2014


Milan ROYAL VILLA (1790-1796).It was commissioned by count Lodovico Barbiano di Belgioioso,designed by LEOPOLDO POLLACK,now under municipal ownership.In the 20's of the past century became the seat of the Modern Art Gallery.Dont forget to visit when you're in the city,you can admire an English garden style behind with a pond,and,masterpieces art  collection inside ticketless by art world wide famous art masters:Paul Gauguin,Francesco Hayez,Van Gogh,Edouard Manet and Giovanni Segantini.

21 January 2014


A night capture showing the TORRE SOLARIA at night by STUDIO ARQUITECTONICA.Ready for residents soon,is the highest residential unit in the country,part of the project PORTA NUOVA.Here's with light in all its ugliness.

19 January 2014

17 January 2014


Milano Malpensa airport.Opened in 1906 by Giovanni Agusta(famous worldwide helicopters brand founder and owner) and Giovanni Caproni(Italia aeronautical engineer,Caproni aircraft manufacturing company)to test their prototypes,opened to the civil traffic in 1948.It was the Italian hub served by the national flag carrier ALITALIA for a short period.Here you can see  2  ALITALIA aircrafts one with the new livrey and the other with old livrey.It's located just 40 km from the city and very closer to Varese.

15 January 2014


I never see something like this before,windows as film.

09 January 2014


Winter sunset over the new MILANO SKYLINE.Since 10 years ago there weren't these high skyscrapers,only 3 or 4 are built more than 35 years ago in the 60's.

06 January 2014


The real last Christmas Lights since next year.Today is the last holidays of the season,the Epiphany, began with Christmas.Is common to store the decorations shown for the period in the house,street,shops,offices and so on for the next season.

03 January 2014


Another Christams Lights view,since the EPIPHANY you can see around the city.This time from the part of the city called CHINA TOWN you can guess why.Last year i remember it was decorated with the typical Chinese Red Lantern Lights,i prefer instead of these ones.