Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

25 February 2012


Shadows playing a wonderful shape game on this very high classic palace,Sunkiss the rest with his powerfull light.

22 February 2012


Let's the Milan Fashion Week start today,this is one i took going around the city for over 10 years.It's always funny seeing and going around this week shooting the most differents people looks and outfits.You've just saw on the blog.I've many gigas pics about the milan Shows,Catwalk and Runaways and by place are no more used for this kind of event.This is one of them,is completly dismissed,luckily i've the pic in my archive.

20 February 2012


The Clock Tower from Palazzo dei Giueroconsulti on a very warm summer day with clear and excellent lights,enjoy it!!!

15 February 2012

SAN PIETRO IN GESSATE(under the snow)

Just posted few days ago San Pietro in Gessate (so you just have info about this church) captured in a very cold day but with a clear sky and lights.Now is during night under the snow fall we've less than one week ago.Luckily the weather now is so cold but without snow and with the temperature going on day by day.You can see even snow cleaning men nearby the main door.

10 February 2012


Cold Time in Milan,the city sleeping under the fallen snow of the day.

06 February 2012


Just a simply picture taken during the first Snow Storm for the year 2102 ,so cold,freezing,icing in Milan .

03 February 2012

02 February 2012


This is not the Milano Skyline is simply the Castello Sforzesco (Sforza Castle) with the last Snow Falling in Milan ,sadly i dont have my tripod with me,but,the result is good at the same.

01 February 2012


It' snowing yesterday in milan,it was the 1st time for this winter,so this is my picture from one of the Deutsche Bank offices we've in the city,is not necessary to say the building style is so disgusting,seems as some cubes been together with no sense of style.If you want to see more snowtime from  milan click Here .