Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 January 2015

JAN 30TH,1944

In the morning men,women,children,olds,jewish and dissidents was deoprted from the city prison of SAN VITTORE to the BINARY 21.The convoy crossing a desert city due to the days before bombing,few Milanesi observing was catched away with violence from the bastards vheicles' column security service.In the undrground part of the station peoples get off and somebody was just knocked out and hit without sense.Man was separated from women...After seven days trip finally they reach the concentration camp of dead as AUSCHWITZ.Who was not arrived just dead was tortured,abused,physically tormented and induced to death.Milion was killed by bastards' german.Nowdays the situation is not changed yesterday with the war today with haughtiness,avarice,lust,envy,greed,anger,sloth german are always the same.They never give up to shown who they are.From 2007 a museum was opened in the city CENTRAL STATION deditaced to the memorial of the SHOAH.

28 January 2015


City reflections on VERTICAL FOREST tower,ranked nr 1 architecture worldwide with the new buildings part of the MILANO SKYLINE.

26 January 2015


Downside view of PALAZZO DELLA RAGIONE(reason palace)built 1233 on the will by OLDRADO DA TRESSENO mayor of the city.The arcades work as a covered square once upon a time bankers,traders and vendors made their business.

23 January 2015


Just on the edge of SIMPLON PARK and closer to the CIVIC ARENA you can find the CIVIC AQUARIUM built in 1905 for the World's fair.Is the third oldest aquarium in europe and in liberty style.Here's you can see the main facade with the NEPTUNE STATUE the roman god of sea and water,made by sculptor ORESTE LABO'.While inside you can see a very small fishes species and fishes' tanks,there's a high specialized public library in marine biology.

21 January 2015


BRERA art academy and art gallery.Founded in 1776 by MARIE THERESE OF HABSBURG OF AUSTRIA(1717-1780),the royal family who made Milan great.The official mission of the academy was providing teaching in fine arts to craftsmen and private artists subject to public supervision and public opinion.In the same year an artmasters collection gallery was opened.Inside you can find some of the most world heritage paint all together as MADONNA OF THE CHERUBIM and LAMENTATION OF CHRIST by ANDREA MANTEGNA,THE KISS by FRANCESCO ,HAYEZ,LAST SUPPER by RUBENS,PORTRAIT OF A LADY by ANTHONY VAN DYCK,only to name  a restriced list,the original is too long.The pubblic academy issues accdemic diplomas of first level,equivalent to a dergee,and,academic diplomas of second level.The academy is always ranked worldwide year after year as one of the world's leading academic institutions.

17 January 2015


AREA C pratically you've to pay a ticket to acess if you're motorized the ZTL(limited traffic zone)of the city everytime.It correspond to the mid and center of the city area(very big part of the town) even if you want come back home.It's exempted from the  middle age tax only can buy cars fitted with the last anti pollution requirements,pratically the lasts model no more aged than 2 or 3 years,if you're poor and you can't change car,is your own facts,nobody is interestedMore the requiriements change form year to year so you can't have the same car for many times.I never seen before a similar and social inequality in a civil country and modern times.The first anti pollution charge was activated in 2008 and from 2012 it was increased as ticket cost you've to pay.Beware the penalty in case you forget or for not paymenet at all is very high.

14 January 2015


SAN LORENZO CHURCH originally built in roman time is one of the oldest in the city,groundbraking in 364 and consacrated in 402.

11 January 2015


A late winter wonderful clear and uncommon for this season sunset in the CHERRY TREES' HILL(2007),with the little part of the new MILANO SKYLINE in the far.It was made with rubbles  from the demoition of PIRELLI INDUSTRIAL PLANT there was in this industrial area of the city.Some types of Cherry Trees was planted on.On the top you can admire a great panorama from the city to the ALPS and APPENNINES.It's located in the part of the city called BICOCCA.

09 January 2015


Here's a pic that clearly show you the last abort made in the city during last 10 years deface the low typical and traditional MILANO'S SKYLINE forever.Here's you ca view some great aborts all together,from far,UNICREDIT BANK TOWER by CESAR PELLI.The 3 bad residential units,SOLARIA,ARIA,SOLEA towers,and on the lft the new BUSINESS CENTRE with DIAMOND TOWER with the little diamonds.Aborts never been alone usually are all together.

06 January 2015


Traditionally jan the 6th EPIPHANY'S DAY is the end of season feast days.CHRISTMAS LIGHTS begin stored for the next year,here's one from the EXPOGATE with miserables Christmas lights.

03 January 2015


Always one of  my favourite Christmas lights ever the iconic MILANO TRAM from the 20's with white led lights rounding around the city non stop during this period.

01 January 2015


A Christmas lights capture from the middle of the EXPOGATE toward VIA DANTE just to remember the city host the EXPO 2015 from may the 1st to october the 31st.