Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 November 2013


A new urban file closer to the new part of the city called CITY LIFE.

27 November 2013

25 November 2013


The MONTE ROSA view from Milan and his famous 4000's peaks during a clear fall day.The Monte Rosa is located between Italy and switzerland in the Pennine Alps,is second highest mountain of the Alps and in Europe.From left the main peaks are WEST LYSKAMM,PARROT,SIGNALKUPPE or PUNTA GNIFFETTI,ZUMSTEIN,DUFOUR(highest peak in the group 4.634 metres)and the last NORDEND.

23 November 2013


Porta Garibaldi,previously called PORTA COMASINA is one of the city gates.Originally placed in the ancient way to reach the city of Como.Now inside the city,Porta Garibaldi district taken the name from it.The neoclassical arch was made to commemorate the visit of FRANCIS I OF AUSTRIA.During the 5 DAYS OF MILAN to catch away the Austrian domination it was the 2nd door conquered by insurgents after PORTA TOSA.In 1859 Garibaldi after the battles of San Fermo(closer to Como) and Varese entered in the city passing by,in 1860 the door was dedicated to him.The inscription to Francis I of Austria was replaced with another nowdays visible:"Here in the footsteps of the enemy name,the iron of the Italic youth recorded the como's victories".

20 November 2013


A renewed architeture in the part of the city called BORGO DEI TINTORI taken from the original as it was at the begin of the century.This is simply perfect example of style and design.If i look the aborts made during the last 10 years in the city with new towers,buildings,and modern architecture only good to kill the city skyline.Look how much this houses give you a sense of peace and are in harmony with the surrounding natural elements.

17 November 2013


After posting a real well made SPIDERMAN GRAFFITI i see this one is another from a real artist,i find this cool MICKEY MOUSE on the wall.

14 November 2013


Here's one of the part of the city i prefer called NAVIGLIO MARTESANA in every season going with the bycicle,is just in the city but seems to be away,sad today the little channel is empty for cleaning reasons.

11 November 2013


The SBB CFF FFS high speed tilt train also called EUROSTAR TRAIN go out from the city for the daily passengers service between Italy and Switzerland with new Milan skyline in the background.

09 November 2013

07 November 2013


Sunset over the MONVISO,the little pyramid in the center,more than 300 kilometers(150miles)far from Milan.Located in the Cottian alps closer to the French border and also known as The Stone King.Headwater of the PO,longest italian river.

04 November 2013


What time is it?simply,looking the clock tower from PALAZZO DEI GIUEROCUNSULTI five past eleven.

02 November 2013


City night view form the bridge toward the old part of the city called L'ISOLA.