Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

26 February 2014


Porta Venezia(venezia gate)known even as Porta Orientale or Porta Renza by the real milanese is one of the historical gates of the city and one of the six main gates.The name is also referred to the district of the city around.The name porta venezia was given in 1862,previuosly the gate was called and named Porta Orientale and Porta Renza,this last name derived from RENZO TRAMAGLINO,protagonist of ALESSANDRO MANZONI's  THE BETROTHED who enter in Milan from this gate.Ancient written tell a man named ANTONIO LOVATO bring the plague in the city entering from here in 1630.Closer to the gate from 1842 to 1908 there was the first pubblic swimming pool of the nation DIANA BATHS,nowdays HOTEL SHERATON DIANA MAJESTIC.

23 February 2014


Public transportation are not enough for the tremendous fashion shows pace during the MILAN FASHION WEEK,so you can be helped by a very comfortably shuttle bus.

19 February 2014


Let's the MILAN FASHION WEEK starting today,big screens around the city to see the fashion shows by everybody,for a week,twice in a year on september and in february the city became even a fashion capital.

17 February 2014


GIUSEPPE PARINI (23 may 1729 BOSISIO-15 august 1799 MILAN)great italian satirist and poet.A statue was posed in his honor on the very busy Cordusio square made by another famous Milan citizen,the architect LUCA BELTRAMI.

14 February 2014


Swiss alps' show,part of BERNESE OBERLAND view from MILAN NORTH PARK,moments before sunset with the FINESTERAARHORN in the center.Is with flat lights but is the first time i see so far clear.

12 February 2014


I dont know why,but yesterday afternoon i see these light games over the city SKYLINE

10 February 2014


This ROMAN RUINS archeological site consists of the foundations of various rooms with apses arranged around a circular space that were part of 3rd-4th century complex blonging to the city's IMPERIAL PALACE.Directly connetced to the nearby circus,the impressive games arena that stood along the western section of the city walls.The remains are among the few surviving vestiges of the period in which Mediolanum(ancient city name) was capital of the WESTERN ROMAN EMPIRE(286-402ad) and official residence of the emperor MASSIMIANO.

07 February 2014


With my photocamera at MIART shooting the "hope" by art master ROBERT INDIANA.

04 February 2014


The Entry is one of my favourite subject,if is combined with a classy door as this,is a perfect capture.

01 February 2014


An urban view with the PIRELLI SKYSCRAPER in the middle.Built between 1956 and 1960,located near to the city central railway station.It was the highest edifice in the EUROPEAN UNION since 1966.It was taken as inspiration for the PAN AM BUILDING(today METLIFE BUILDING)in New York City.