Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 August 2011


It's not time yet to come back in the empty and hard warm city,thank you all for the comments,as soon as i'm at home i go on visit your blogs and leaving comments.I go to the internet points today to download mail and so on,i've see your comments on my drafts,i appreciate so much,i looking a little trough your blogs,thank you all.When i'm at home in a week i'll go on with normal visits to your sites and leaving comments........see you......

24 August 2011


Another sad holidays image of the city,never seen before,that's why the 70% of the people is at the sea or away to catch the very high unbelivable african temperature as usual in summer here.

19 August 2011


Few tourists in "Simplon Park" with the "Arch of the Peace" for these warm summer holiday days in the city.

16 August 2011


Normally this way in the ancient part of the city is so crowded,is very impressive seeing empty with lone man walking

11 August 2011


Thank you all for the comments and feedback,i'm not online so much during this period it's holiday time here,so im packaging from a day to another without my home internet,so today i'm back and i'm going round the city a little,due to the wonderful weather to shooting a little,this is a little example,tomorrow going away again,thank you folks!!!!!i love you,hope you love this image,i'm leaving a comment to you as soon as possible.bye!!!bye!!!

06 August 2011


One pic of the few Roman ruins in the city,called "colonne di San Lorenzo".