Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

25 September 2013


Just a simple capture from MILANO'S CASTELLO SFORZESCO at night from the side,looking the walls and the main entrance tower

23 September 2013


Modern chairs placed outside modern offices.May be for the workers before going to their job sitting? drinking cappuccino?coffee?cup of tea?during winter when there are 10 degrees under zero freezing,or in summer with 40 degrees over zero bakin on these chairs made by stone,that's hilarious.

21 September 2013


New building,gamble financial trade,new tycoon wangle,this is the results.No NEW SKYLINE but only choking the elegant,glam,classic city skylines.

18 September 2013

15 September 2013


Don't let the sun go down without take a picture.Sometimes i think all the pictures i take.My favourites are these kind of shots.The sunset from an high city deck looking around the city seeing the ALPS.The plus for Milan is not the skyline or beeing in the PIANURA PADANA.The plus is beeing surrounded from north by one of the most beautiful and famous mounatin chains all over,THE ALPS.On the left ,over the city shadows you can see  the sunset falling on the WEISSMIES and LAGGINHORN( officially listed in the 4000's of the alps by U.I.A.A.)and the FLETSCHHORN located in the PENNINE ALPS in switzerland.

12 September 2013


New part of the city called CITY LIFE designed by architects ARATA ISOZAKI,DANIEL LIBESKIND and ZAHA HADID.Started in 2011 and works are expetcetd to end for 2014,this is the residential part finished and designed by Zaha hadid.I can't undertsand how somebody  have studied a lot to made this kind of disgusting architectures and with no sense of style.

09 September 2013


Final games day to designate 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th place for EUROPEAN AMERICAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2013.Winner is Denmark,2nd place for the national Italian team(BLUE TEAM).£rd place went to GREAT BRITAIN,4th CZECH REPUBLIC.The DANISH NATIONAL TEAM was the best with the better defensive,offensive tournament players and game strategy,consequently get the title.

05 September 2013


Finally the european american football championship is here.Hosted inside the new restored stadium VELODROMO VIGORELLI.Yesterday match was Denmark vs Czech Repubblic.The football championship EURO 2103.Among the sponsor the NFL need to be mentioned.Who's the next champion for saturday final game day?Italy,Czech RRepubblic,Denmark,Great Britain,Serbia or Spain?

03 September 2013


VINCENT VAN GOGH in milan on G.A.M.(pubblic modern art gallery) inside the ROYAL VILLA.Here's with the paint titled "LES BRETONNES ET LE PARDON DE PONT AVEN".If you are in milan dont forget to see the ancient royal estate property and the masterpieces art collection inside,it's free.