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Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying


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16 April 2014


if you want to adopt one of MILAN CATHEDRAL main spires GO HERE.Here's SAINT GERVASIUS on the right and SAINT PROTASIUS on the left.You can find yours among over 100 spires.

14 April 2014


THE SAN GIOVANNI IN CONCA,the church probably named after the large depression (CONCA)in which it stood,was erected over the remains of the lavish Roman residence and was a major place of worship in the 5th and 6th centuries.Rebuilt in the late 11th century with the same single all layout,it was redesigned as a three nave interior in the second hal of the 13th century,when a lantern was added.In the 14th century it was the chapel and mausoleum of the VISCONTI and contained the tomb of Bernab√≤ a grand sacrophagus sculpted by BONINO DA CAMPIONE(1363).Now part of the ancient art collection in the SFORZA CASTLE.When via Mazzini was laid out in 1879,the aisles where shortened and the facade set back.What remains of the Romanesque abse has stood in the middle of the road since 1949,when the church was all but demolished to make way for another new thoroughfare.The Romanesque cript,divided into seven cross-vaulted aisles,is accessed form this isolated ruin.The facade has been recreated  on the VALDESIAN church in FRANCESCO SFORZA street.

10 April 2014


For this set pf pics from FUORISALONE 2014 event i went to the expo part of the city called VENTURA LAMBRATE where designers form every part of the world show their creations.I select these 3 pics among the thousands i took.The pink patterns interior,the iron house lights tree by masters  TONONE.COM,very impressive from live view,find the bird on.The amazing red line chair by DEGASOFSWITZERLAND.COM.

08 April 2014


Here's my report to my my visit at FUORISALONE 2014 in association with COSMIT 2014,the international Milan design fair.Every time my attention go to the independent designers' talents show their creations worldwide.There's even big design brands show the world their preview creations.In every part of the city you walk there are many design exhibition to see,not only in the center of town.This year as first day of my report,my attention go for the table with boxboard base,the genuine far east house light by a caucasian designer,and the amazing cofee genuine sackful bag.

04 April 2014


This is the view i like to see,and not because is a church,but,because is not the same stupid useless,ugly modern architecture.

02 April 2014


CASSINA DE POMM in ancinet Milanos'dialect(APPLE'S FARMSTEAD)along NAVIGLIO MARTESANA(by Leonardo Da Vinci)one of the most underrated tourist place to see in the city.Under the faboulus wisteria during spring/summer you can find a bar stopping by.

28 March 2014


I'm loosing all the pics,i'm uploading new in these days,in a while take a COFEE BREAK with me looking the city life.

24 March 2014


An urban capture with the TORRE DIAMANTE(DIAMOND TOWER)2010-2012 from the gorund.

19 March 2014


PALAZZO SERBELLONI 1793,a neoclassical palace in Milan.The palace was used by NAPLOEONE BONAPARTE and his wife when they was in the city.GIUSEPPE PARINI and PIETRO VERRI usually meet there.During the 2nd World War an air-raids destroyed a large section,including its 75.000 library collection.

16 March 2014

14 March 2014


OLDRADO DA TRESSENO mayor of Milan during 13th century.He's responsible for ordering the construction of PALAZZO DELLA RAGIONE which served as government seat in the middle age and to be a firced persecutors of CATHARS.A relief representing OLDRADO is found on one of the columns of Palazzo Della Ragione in the city with this inscription translated from the latin:"Anno Domini 1233.To the city mayor Odrado Da Tresseno.When you pass throught the arcades of the great palace,you will always remember the merits of the city mayor,citizen of Lodi,defender of Faith and sword,who built the palace and burned as he should the Cathars".

10 March 2014


TORRE VELASCA 1958,ranked number 1 as most ugly building worldwide,it's easy tu understand why,is really disgusting.

06 March 2014


The DIAMOND TOWER on the back with the Little diamond in front,part of the new city skyline,highest steel building in the nation by KOHN PEDERSEN FOX associated.

03 March 2014


Never see something like that before,T REX climbing on antenna in the city.

01 March 2014


A typical shot for this period with sad colors and cityscape around with an high pipe.