Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

18 November 2014


Some pics around the area striked by SEVESO OVERFLOW(since 1951),we begin to bretahe carcinogen dust?

16 November 2014


Yesterday in milan we have the last SEVESO RIVER show,since the 50's the problem is unsolved in town thanks to people everytime went to vote.Once water is retreat it let on the way carcinogen dust everybody can breathe.Without count factorys failures,houses destroyed ,car trashed,electricity broken,milions'euros damages everytime.

14 November 2014


The new arcitecture of the new FIERA MILANO(2005) located just at border of the city with Rho and closer to the highways,built to replace the old FIERA MILANO CITY(1906).

12 November 2014


LEONARDO'S HORSE(biggest horse sculpture worldwide) commissioned by Duke of Milan LUDOVICO IL MORO in 1482 not finished until 1997 thanks to a privante financing from the American CHARLES DENT,placed inside the HISTORICAL CITY RACETRACK from 1888.

09 November 2014


PORTA NUOVA (new gate 1810-1813),the part of the city around take the name form this door,is the northern gate in Milan.Made as NEOCLASSICAL TRIUMPHAL ARCH with CORINTHIAN influence with two DORIC guard houses.Built with friable sandstone its decayed overtime.

05 November 2014


The Rocchetta(1385-1402) it's porticoed courtyard,which is the most tightly safe and fortified part of the SFORZESCO CASTLE a little fortress inside the castle.Made by some famous artists as BRAMANTE,BRAMANTINO,FILARETE,FERRINI.Is overlooked by BONA DI SAVOIA tower also known as Bona's tower(1477) and the other as Treasure Tower where it was guarded the duckys gold,ducats.

02 November 2014


PALAZZO DUGNANI built in XVII century,it was one of the biggest in the city.Started by Meda family,the building had many owners during history since the Dugnani family from 1758.Between 1758-1846 under Dugnani family property,the palace was one of the most known for meeting and gatherings for high society.In 1863 the palace passed under the propety of the municipality who placed the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM.Inside you can admire marvellous frescoes by TIEPOLO dated 1731

26 October 2014


4 SEASON FOUNTAIN(1927),biggest fountain in the city,by RENZO GERLA.Located where it was the old MILAN'S FAIR that named even this part of the city.After a new block was built the fountain back to shining in GIULIO CESARE square with new architectures,the new aborts in the city ISOZAKI TOWER and CITY LIFE residential unit are clears examples of it.

24 October 2014


23-10-14 THE MONVISO SHOW at sunset from Milan fra more than 300kms/200miles.Highest moutain of COATTIAN ALPS,nearby the French border,even the VISOLOTTO is clearly visible.Is one of the mountain which inspired the PARAMOUNT logo.Luckily Milan at the center of flat land called PIANURA PADANA,closed and surrounded from the ALPS,and APPENNINI gives you this fantatstic view,during clear days sunset on famous mountains since you're able to see without distance limit.

22 October 2014


The ducal court is the heart of the castle.Commisioned by duke GALEAZZO MARIA SFORZA trasformig during his reign the castle in a true royal residence.The monumental doorway,today walled up in the center of the right hand wing was opened in 1555,during the Spanish period,in order to provide a minumental entrance to the most frequently used room for celebrations and ceremonies.On the ground floor are the public and audience halls:chancellery,ducal rooms,room of the planks-frescoed by LEONARDO DA VINCI-,room of the colombines,ducal chapel,green room.The floor above was reached from the exterior by the monumetal principal stairway,or,by step stairway from the Portico dell'Elefante.On this floor,a hall opens up in the form of a long gallery,called the Sala Verde(green room),decorated by LEONARDO DA VINCI for the famous Festa Del Paradiso(paradise festival).The celebration took place on 13 jan 1490 commissioned by LUDOVICO IL MORO in honor of duke GIAN GALEAZZO SFORZA and his bride ISABEL of ARAGON.

16 October 2014


A late fall sunset over the NAVIGLIO GRANDE on restoring,probably the first infrastructural work of this type to be realized in Europe,reached Milano in 1258 work again as ship canal in a few,the river banks are again nowdays from 900 years ago.

13 October 2014


The REST HOME GIUSEPPE VERDI simply know in the city as Giuseppe Verdi house for retired opera singers and musicians founded by the italian everyboby best known worlwide astonishing opera composer GIUSEPPE VERDI in 1896.Designed in the NEO-GOTHIC style by CAMILLO BOITO.Both everytime opera genius GIUSEPPE VERDI and his wife GIUSEPPINA STREPPONI are buried here.The astonishing opera grandmaster written about it these words:"Of all my works, that which pleases me the most is the Casa that I had built in Milan to shelter elderly singers who have not been favoured by fortune, or who when they were young did not have the virtue of saving their money. Poor and dear companions of my life!".Dont forget to visit if you're in the city is an unforgettable experience for everybody.

08 October 2014


Look and admire how much the big tree is pleasant and look the NEW ARCHITECTURES how much are simply repugnant.

02 October 2014


Sant'Hermes on DUOMO DI MILANO one of thousands sculptures you can admire seeing the cathedral.Here's on one of the 135 spires.

29 September 2014


PORTA TICINESE one of the two medieval city doors,still exist in the modern city.Built in the 12th century and restored in 1861.Many V.I.P.'s made the entry in the city from passing down this door:ISABELLA OF ARAGON,BEATRICE D'ESTE,LOUIS XII of FRANCE,CHARLES V(holy roman emperor),PHILIP II OF SPAIN.

26 September 2014


The stadium known by locals as SAN SIRO because it was the original name from the part of the city district where is located and because closer to SAN SIRO ALLA VEPRA CHURCH.Originally it was only for A.C. MILAN football city team.It was renamed in 1980 in honour of GIUSEPPE MEAZZA football player,two time football world cup champion,played for F.C. INTER and briefly for A.C. MILAN.The construction started in 1925.The inauguarl match on 19,sept,1926 with over 35.000 spectators F.C INTER defeat A.C. MILAN 6-3.The average attendances during regualr season is 45.000 spectators every match.Don't forget to visit the football museum inside if you're in the city and may be seeing a match.