Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

05 March 2015


The Milano traditional cooking is rich and full of numerous dishes.Here a sporadic typical menu shown in the city on a traditional lasts taverns.Nowdays everybody go the the sushi retaurant or in a kebab fast food when an hamburer maker is not closer on the way.The menu:first course bone with a hole rice,milanese rice(naturally yellow).Second course,traditional MONDEGHILI (typical meatball)get the certification of typical dish by municipality some years ago.Dont forget to taste the faboulous milanese's desserts before wake up from the table.

03 March 2015


FRANCESCO SFORZA initiateed the NAVIGLIO MARTESANA construction,known as NAVIGLIO PICCOLO(little naviglio)in 1457.The waterway in anemd after the area it crosses,where a people known as "Gens Martecia",settled prior the the year 1000.The naviglio end in th city at CASSINA DE POMM(apple coutryside farm)side visible in the pic.Is just sided to the iron nad rd bricks PONT DI PANFISS;so called because the bridge was once crossed by workers of the Branca candle factory,who had permanet jobs and guaranteed wages(PAN=bread,FISS=permanent).

01 March 2015


Enter to the square named in honor of the great italian architect GAE AULENTI(1927-2012),by CESAR PELLI from the way named in honor of the gold military medal VINCENZO CAPELLI(1916-2001).

27 February 2015


The real Milanesi call this fountain in front of the SFORZESCO CASTLE in local language "TURTA DI SPUS",transalted cake of the spouses,for the shape,round,large,a little bit flat with water  gushes on top,remember a wedding cake.It was built by AEM in the 30's to commemorate a meeting with Benito Mussolini(the duce)and the Abyssinia war veterans.Stored for over 20 years to built underground line 1(red line) and the stop Cairoli.

25 February 2015


Behind MILAN FASHION WEEK,may be you never think how many professionals with high skills there're back to a fashion show.After years going around the city spotting this week,show you some people working as dressers,designers,av techinician,models,photographers and so on,this year is the cleaning company time.You cant imagine how they work hard during this week to clean locations,catwlaks,toilettes from a show to another,sometimes wiht more than 30 minutes to set a backstage like this left after show.They're always in a hurry as everybody,top models,drivers,security.The next show is scheduled in 20 minutes with hundreds or thousands guests.Everything,not only in a front row,must be ok.Thanks everybody host me during this years even to the cleaning women.See you...

22 February 2015


From today CHINESE NEW YEAR in the city.every yera in the part of the city called CHINATOWN a big show is well organized by chinese community originnaly estabilished since the 1920's composed by immigrants from ZEHIJANG province.

19 February 2015


The dock on NAVIGLIO GRANDE closer to THE DARSENA (city harbour) since the 60's in the top 10 national ranking for traffic volume.It was foolishly closed on march,31st.1979.Here's the marbles'block to built THE DUOMO passed through the centuries,nowdays the originals riverbanks projected by LEONARDO DA VINCI are visible again.

17 February 2015


EXPOGATE,meeting and informations point for citizen and tourist in milan where you can find any infos and more about EXPO 2015.

15 February 2015


The new square,i think the last made in the city titled to great finnish architect ALVAR AALTO(3 february 1898-11may 1976).

11 February 2015


A new view,one of the last part of the city built.On the left CITY HALL TECHNICAL SERVICES TOWER(1966),DIAMOND TOWER(2010-2012),SOLAR TOWER(2010-2013)higher residential unit in the country,and,a view on a classical milano low and flat milano houses.

09 February 2015


Cold nights,with icing and freeze lights in the part of the city called BICOCCA.

06 February 2015


HANGAR BICOCCA in the north part of the city,is a post industrial space devoted to contemporary art supported and managed by PIRELLI,before it works an ANSALDO BREDA plant from 1906.After being restored now you can find inside a coffee shop,a polifunctional area with magazines and books and a garden.Host many artist and art exhibition both temporary and permanent.Among the permanent we've FAUSTO MELOTTI,ANSELM KIEFER.For the second consecutive year host the PIRELLI CALENDAR official dinner,I think must be always there and not to see as in the past in London or so on.Picture was from yesterday a little bit of snow falling.

03 February 2015


Is tradition to preserve a slice of PANETTONE one of the hundreds city cookery's specialities for SAINT BLASE(feb the 3rd) to be eaten fast during breakfast with the family against bad cold and sore throat.

02 February 2015


Once upon a time ALFA ROMEO production plant.The area was recently converted into a businees district,biggest square in the city was made named to the great italian architect GINO VALLE(1923-2003).New part of the old FIERA MILANO added clearly visible.

30 January 2015

JAN 30TH,1944

In the morning men,women,children,olds,jewish and dissidents was deoprted from the city prison of SAN VITTORE to the BINARY 21.The convoy crossing a desert city due to the days before bombing,few Milanesi observing was catched away with violence from the bastards vheicles' column security service.In the undrground part of the station peoples get off and somebody was just knocked out and hit without sense.Man was separated from women...After seven days trip finally they reach the concentration camp of dead as AUSCHWITZ.Who was not arrived just dead was tortured,abused,physically tormented and induced to death.Milion was killed by bastards' german.Nowdays the situation is not changed yesterday with the war today with haughtiness,avarice,lust,envy,greed,anger,sloth german are always the same.They never give up to shown who they are.From 2007 a museum was opened in the city CENTRAL STATION deditaced to the memorial of the SHOAH.

28 January 2015


City reflections on VERTICAL FOREST tower,ranked nr 1 architecture worldwide with the new buildings part of the MILANO SKYLINE.

26 January 2015


Downside view of PALAZZO DELLA RAGIONE(reason palace)built 1233 on the will by OLDRADO DA TRESSENO mayor of the city.The arcades work as a covered square once upon a time bankers,traders and vendors made their business.

23 January 2015


Just on the edge of SIMPLON PARK and closer to the CIVIC ARENA you can find the CIVIC AQUARIUM built in 1905 for the World's fair.Is the third oldest aquarium in europe and in liberty style.Here's you can see the main facade with the NEPTUNE STATUE the roman god of sea and water,made by sculptor ORESTE LABO'.While inside you can see a very small fishes species and fishes' tanks,there's a high specialized public library in marine biology.

21 January 2015


BRERA art academy and art gallery.Founded in 1776 by MARIE THERESE OF HABSBURG OF AUSTRIA(1717-1780),the royal family who made Milan great.The official mission of the academy was providing teaching in fine arts to craftsmen and private artists subject to public supervision and public opinion.In the same year an artmasters collection gallery was opened.Inside you can find some of the most world heritage paint all together as MADONNA OF THE CHERUBIM and LAMENTATION OF CHRIST by ANDREA MANTEGNA,THE KISS by FRANCESCO ,HAYEZ,LAST SUPPER by RUBENS,PORTRAIT OF A LADY by ANTHONY VAN DYCK,only to name  a restriced list,the original is too long.The pubblic academy issues accdemic diplomas of first level,equivalent to a dergee,and,academic diplomas of second level.The academy is always ranked worldwide year after year as one of the world's leading academic institutions.