Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

27 May 2016


The city stadium F.C.INTER (1908),A.C.MILAN (1899) homebase.Named in 1980 to the great football player from the two city teams and football world cup twice winner (1934-1938) GIUSEPPE MEAZZA (milan,23,august,1910-rapallo,21,august,1979).Before 1980 it was known simply as SAN SIRO because at the beginning when it was built 1925-1926 the only city landmark in the area was the church of SAN SIRO ALLA VEPRA (1456).The inaugural match between A.C.MILAN vs F.C INTER ended with the final result 3-6.The first player to  go in goal in the new stadium was GIUSEPPE SANTAGOSTINO (milan,18,march 1901-milan,1,april,1955)from A.C.MILAN.The full capacity is more than 81.000 seats and spectators.On saturday 29,may,2016 it will host the THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2016 between the two spanis teams REAL MADRID (1902)-ATLETICO MADRID (1903).Inside you can visit a football musuem recall the history of the soccer from the begin.It was international ranked as one of the most beautiful  football stadium worldwide.

20 May 2016

17 May 2016


CESAR PELLI TOWER (2009-2012),231 metres(758ft).The tallest building in the nation,the spire was attached and transported by an helicopter on 15,oct,2011.

13 May 2016


The main TUNNEL under MILAN CENTRAL STATION (1931) work as normal roadway due to the main raised station railway ground floor,built with this method for not disturb the heavy road traffic.many others are used for as general warehouse.

07 May 2016


A capture from the square named in memory of the great FINNISH archistar ALVAR AALTO (1898-1976) connecting the square named in memory of the great italian archistar GAE AULENTI (1927-2012) to the square named in memory of the great italian archistar naturalized Brazilian LINA BO BARDI (1914-1992).

29 April 2016


The area of SAN VITTORE AL CORPO was occupied since 4th century AD by a Paleo-Christian burial places and by IMPERIAL MAUSOLEUM.The origianl core of the present day church dates back to 8th century to house the relics of SAINT VICTOR & SATYR.The church was rebuilt in 1560 by the two archistars VINCENZO SEREGNI and GALEAZZO ALESSI.It was known until 16th century as SAINT GREGORY'S ROTUNDA.

25 April 2016


April,25,1945.GINA GALEOTTI BIANCHI alias LIA (mantova 4-4-1913-milano 4-25-1945).Killed by bastards and idiots from DEUTSCHLAND just loose the war while they beat a retreat and war was ended just for the sake to kill.LIA fall by enemy fire while it was pregnant with a baby inside her closer to NIGUARDA HOSPITAL to help others.Today is the italy's liberation day,national holiday,we're together everywhere never forgetting who people from GERMANY remembering the shame always will be with the DEUTSCH and to never forget our heroes.This is only one of the many thousands commemorative stone you can see around the nation remembering we always hate the GERMANS.

21 April 2016


TORRE SOLEA (2007-2013) called in local language BARLAFUS (useless thing,bulky) at night.

18 April 2016


A view just inside ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS OF BRERA founded in 1776 by one of the key person made Milano a big art cultural city MARIA THERESA WALBURGA AMALIA CHRISTINA simply know as MARIA THERESA of AUSTRIA (1717-1780).Dont forget to visit the grat worldwide masters collection museum inside.