Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 March 2015


The large and sumptuous VILLA CLERICI,desigend by FRANCESCO CROCE in 1722 for silk merchant Giorgio Clerici.It consists of a central block with two side wings terminated in chapels dedicated to ST. THERESA and ST. ANTHONY.

26 March 2015


A view from NAVIGLIO GRANDE at night over the DARSENA BRIDGE,from 1603 to march 1979 work as city's harbour.Stupidly closed for years it will be open again soon,may be at the end of this month.

23 March 2015


The polygonal tower,the city walls rest of MAXIMIANUS built at the end of the 3rd century A.D. when MEDIOLANUM became the seat of the ROMAN EMPIRE.

21 March 2015


RHO FIERAMILANO is the new city fairground from 2005,located on the border between the towns of RHO and PERO closer to the A4 MOTORWAY.Opened with an investement of 755 milions euros is designed by MASSIMILIANO FUKSAS which is payed a lot for this abort,the area is directly connected to the city by MILAN UNDERGORUND LINE 1(red line)stop RHO FIERA.EXPO 2015 area is just 1 minute away.

19 March 2015


Located at the end of a small rectangular square,THE BASILICA OF SAN VICTOR AL CORPO has early christian origins dated back to the 4th AD,where there was a group of paleo-christian burial places and the IMPERIAL MAUSOLEUM.The original core of the present day church date back to the 8th century when an existing building was enlarged to house the relics of saints VICTOR and SATYR.The central vault with his ceiling coffers is a must see for who's in the city and art lover.

17 March 2015

15 March 2015


A late afternoon winter end lights for a lazy flat capture.Two city's icons,The highest spire of the city cathedral with the GOLDEN LITTLE BEAUTIFUL MADONNA from where the city anthem was taken.The city flag red cross on white taken from 1167 after been adopted by establishment of LEGA LOMBARDA after the PONTIDA OATH.The flag was adopted even by the Duchy of Milan and it was the same from 1395 since 1797 since nowdays.From the left spire you can see SAINT BLAISE,SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST,SAINT ALEXANDER and SAINT FELIX.Dont loose the opportunity to ADOPT ONE OF THE SPIRES go HERE,the donation is free and you can decide to give how much you want from 1 euro to...

11 March 2015


GIOVANNI D'ANZI(Milan,1st Jan 1906-Santa Margerita Ligure 15th April 1974).It was a Milanese songwriter,he wrote the music and lyrics of O MIA BELA MADONINA(o mi littel beautiful Madonna),as song dedicated to Milano which soon became very popular  and the city anthem worldwide.A plaque was posed n 1990 on the side of GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE II  by the city hall with written on:"once upon a time in this gallery there was a king:GIOVANNI D'ANZI,he wrote magic notes,and the sweetest serenade ha sang Milan:"O MIA BELA MADONINA".Dont forget to listen to this son just,press the link at the top of this site,singing and play it loud.

09 March 2015


Walking in the city,you can view II WOLRD WAR remembers from bombs to air-raid shelter.Milan was heavy bombed in the 1943 summer like no other city in the nation.In PIAZZA DELLA REPUBBLICA on every pole you can view these historycal remembers.But,be hurry some idiots thinking wrong to change these poles with new ones.

07 March 2015


March,7th,1865 firts brick was posed.Named VITTORIO EAMANUELE II the first king of kingdom of italy.Designed in 1861 by the real archistar from Bologna GIUSEPPE MENGONI,built between 1865-1877.Is one of the world's oldest shopping mall.Connect two city landmarks,PIAZZA DUOMO and PIAZZA DELLA SCALA.On the ground made by mosaic there are four portraying the coat of arms the three capital of kingdom of italy,Turin,Florence and Rome with the HOUSE OF SAVOY plus Milan.Idiot and stupid superstition says that if a person spins around three times with a heel on the testicles of the bull from Turin's coat of arms this will bring good luck.This causes continuos damage to the mosaic,a hole is permanent  visible on bull's genitals.On the upper four angles parts of the central glass dome paints represents the four continents.Europe,Asia,Oceania,America.The bull was took as model to be placed outside WALL STREET.

05 March 2015


The MILANO TRADITIONAL COOKING is rich and full of numerous dishes.Here a sporadic typical menu shown in the city on a traditional lasts taverns.Nowdays everybody go to the sushi retaurant or in a kebab fast food when an hamburgher maker is not closer on the way.The menu:first course bone with a hole rice,milanese rice(naturally yellow).Second course,traditional MONDEGHILI (typical meatball)get the certification of typical dish by municipality some years ago.Dont forget to taste the faboulous milanese's desserts before wake up from the table.No pizza,no spaghetti are typicals from the city

03 March 2015


FRANCESCO SFORZA initiateed the NAVIGLIO MARTESANA construction,known as NAVIGLIO PICCOLO(little naviglio)in 1457.The waterway in anemd after the area it crosses,where a people known as "Gens Martecia",settled prior the the year 1000.The naviglio end in th city at CASSINA DE POMM(apple coutryside farm)side visible in the pic.Is just sided to the iron nad rd bricks PONT DI PANFISS;so called because the bridge was once crossed by workers of the Branca candle factory,who had permanet jobs and guaranteed wages(PAN=bread,FISS=permanent).

01 March 2015


Enter to the square named in honor of the great italian architect GAE AULENTI(1927-2012),by CESAR PELLI from the way named in honor of the gold military medal VINCENZO CAPELLI(1916-2001).