Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

27 July 2015


July,27th,1993 in memory of who was dead by an attack in the city downtown along VIA PALESTRO causes damns to the PAC(contemporary art pavilion),and at the ROYAL VILLA(1790-1796).

24 July 2015


SAINT CHARLES  and VITALIS at the ABBESSES(1722).Normally known as  "the Abbesses" because in front of the old ABBESSES FARMHOUSE.Normally outside tourists'routes.

19 July 2015


What is it?it's MODERN ART along the way.Is not the usual art masterpieces usally we see in the city.If this is art everybody can be be an artist,very different from who's is recognized by masses as ARTISTS.Many times i read the opera's title but i totally forget it.While i see only one time the LAST SUPPER in  Milan by LEONARDO DA VINCI and i remember for the rest.It's only art for who have money to buy it.

17 July 2015


BOSCO VERTICALE(2009-2014),INTERNATIONAL HIGHRISE AWARD for 2014,fucked the city skyline forever.It's simply another modern abort a modern city do without,some people have nothing better to do in life..

13 July 2015


13,July 1814,ARMA DEI CARABINIERI was created by VICTOR EMMANUEL I of SAVOY.It was the only military and civil police in Italy.It's common to see a monument like thisin Milan placed on central square of the main and secondary city in the nation dedicated to them,they've a flame as symbol and the corp's motto is:"FAITHFUL THROUGHOUT THE CENTURIES".

10 July 2015


PIRELLI TOWER(1956-1960).Built where once upon a time there was the first worldwide PIRELLI production plant before the new BICOCCA plant was opened.Rtaed the most elegant building in the world.It was for years the highest tower in Italy(33rd floor)and in Europe from 1958 to 1966.Commissioned by ALBERTO PIRELLI to architect GIO PONTI.It' the inspiration for many tower around the world even nowdays,one for all the METLIFE(before PAN AM) building in NEW YORK.

07 July 2015


ITALIAN PAVILION at EXPO 2015.One of the six art pices exposed from time to time is THE DEMETRA (HORA) made by marble from I century a.c.

03 July 2015


A typical view,during clear days due to the flat  unlimited land surrounded the city is possible to see the horizon hundreds kilometers far from the whole ALPS chain to the APPENNINES.In the pic the staten border between Italy and Switzerland with view on the MONTE ROSA on the left.On the right large part of  MISCHABEL swiss/italian group in the VALAIS,higher mountain in switzerland is clearly visible THE DOM (4,545mt-14,911ft).On the left the second higher mountain of the ALPS,the DUFORSPITZE (4,634mt-15,203).