Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

29 June 2012


FABBRICA DEL VAPORE(THE STEAM FACTORY)nowdays used as an expo and multimedia area as for the FUORISALONE where you can see the future object's design.Designers from all over the world show their objects,and people from all over the world can admire the tendencies of the future in advance.The Fuorisalone known worldwide as MILAN DESIGN EVENT is the biggest and the main event in the world.

21 June 2012


PICCOLO TEATRO DI MILANO founded in 1947,is the first italian permanet theater,here's one of the three headquarter called Studio Theatre under the new name sinche 1991(Theatre of Europe).

17 June 2012


The Big Disc by ARNALDO POMODORO spotted at night.It's easy going around the city and finding sculptures by this graeat artist around the city,after a corner way or in front of the theater.The artist lab is in Milan since 1954.Only to remember you cana dmire his works in Copenaghen,Brisbane,Dublin,Los Angeles,Moscow,New York just in front of United Nations headquarter.He was many times honored and awarded worldwide.

12 June 2012


Indro Montanelli (April 22,1909-July 22,2001)was an italian journalist.Considered as one of the greatest journalist ever by World Press Freedom Heroes.Before this park was named in memory of INDRO MONTANELLI in 2002,they are called simply with the name PUBLIC GARDENS OF PORTA VENEZIA,inside them there was the Milan's zoo(now closed),THE NATURAL AND SCIENCE MUSEUM and the PLANETARIUM OF MILAN.Estabilished in 1784 they are the oldest city park in Milan,the statute was posed in 2002 in honor of this great italian man and the gardens titled with the name of the journalist.

09 June 2012