Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

23 April 2011


This is the SAN BABILA church.Is considered the 3rd most important in the city after "duomo" and "sant'ambrogio",the 1st church probably was erected in the 4th century,over a pre existing roman temple,a recostruction in the 9th century is attested.In the 16th century was prolonged with the addition of the further frontal section,it named even the city square "piazza san babila" where the curch is placed.HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

21 April 2011


I take this pic because i never seen except on OFFICIAL SITE a SPIDER MAN as this,the author is a real artist,is a surprise and seldom seen an urban graffiti as this.

18 April 2011


leather bicycle

ice sitting room

a shark in my soup
Every year during april in milan there's the design week show,where you can preview the design objcets' future,thousands of designers from every part of the world shown their prototypes before production starting.You can see every kind of objects as,dishes,general furniture,everyday living goods and so on.I was striked by these 3:the leather and wood bicycle,the dishes titled "a shark in my soup" and the ice sitting room,in case you're interested here's the link FUORISALONE where you can see the official blog,pics,meet the designers and others useful info.This year was the show 50th birthday edition,Milan was not only a fashion capital,but even a design ones,always ready to get new tendences at first.You can see objects in every part of the city in many locations free,from the center of town to the suburb,even placed normally on the way,there're many factories event where normally everybody can go,another nice thing is that celebrities known worldwide by pubblic opinion are around as you mixed and talking about design with the normal people.May be in the next i post some other pic.......

12 April 2011


Porta nuova literally New Gate is one of the gates of Milan.Is made of friable sandstone and as a consequence is very fragile,is influenced by the Ionic style.For more info click here.

07 April 2011


The old "Milano Affori station" was opened in 1879 and closed in march 2011,over 100years in service,this is the new one.For more info click here

04 April 2011

03 April 2011


higher resolution

Palazzo Lombardia the new region government headquarter,is the highest in Italy with his 39 floor and 161,3 metres,here on the left you can see even the heliport.It was opened on march the 2nd 2011 after the Holy Virgin was posed.


Typical Milan mansion along Naviglio Martesana on a very spring day

01 April 2011


Who's the first Formula 1 world champion?here's the Alfa Romeo 158/159 won the campionship for the first season in 1950 and the second in 1951.Alfa was founded in Milan on June 24th 1911 and was made at "portello" assembly plant inside the city of Milan before it was closed in the 80's,is known for made expensive car in the past and "8C Competizione" nowdays.It was one of the first cars go around the world winning race since it was founded such as in Indianapolis,Silverstone,Monza only to name few.When other brand known by everybody as Porsche,Ferrari,Lamborgini,Alfa (acronym for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili=Limited Lombardy Car Factory) was just a racing legend.Among the owners many V.I.P.'s are listed:Emperor Hirohito of Japan and Akihito,Aga Khan,Rita Hayworth,Liza Minnelli,The Beatles,Charles Conrad,Cassius Clay and so on.