Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

25 December 2011


Christmas Tree from piazza Duomo,milan.Merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody.See you on january.

21 December 2011

15 December 2011


Season's Greetings,one of my favourite pics ever!!!Taken under Christmas period in Milan.Thinking is one of  my best capture of the year 2011 ever.See you!!!

10 December 2011


Elephant Parade in Milan.For a long is very cool to see elephants around the city in aid of TheAsianElephantFoundation.From september to november 2011 more than 80 elephant was placed on the way in the city,Milan was the italian city selected to take this wonderful  event after Singapore,London and others open mind world capital,enjoy the foundation link(clicking on).

07 December 2011


Night swings in Piazza San Fedele during the past december Milan Led Festival with the San Fedele church in the back,it was an amazing experience saw the castle,The Duomo and many others interestings points of views illuminated with these lights,hope to see again one of these night.

02 December 2011


Piccolo Teatro Città di Milano founded in May 1947 by 2 boys,Giorgio Strehler and Paolo Grassi.The 1st production was L'Albergo dei Poveri by Maxim Gorkij .This is a simply snap form the main entrance.

30 November 2011


Another Milan Masnsion i love.It was built in 1924 by the architet Carlo Ottavio Marchetti di Montestrutto .The gates on the main entrance was taken by the church of San Protaso destroyed in the past.I love so much the very old wisterias,their colors contrasting with the white trim from inside.The location of this villa,located in the center of town,is very  peaceful and noiseless,very uncommon for a big urban town

24 November 2011


Typical white and grey sky on Palazzo Lombardia in Milan during this period since the next spring,soooo saaaaaddddd!!!!!

17 November 2011


Is not a common thing seeing the Lincoln Limousine around the city,every time i see one catching my attention luckily this time i've my camera with me.When you see one you can clearly understand why one of the most powerful person in the world sometimes seat in this car (U.S. President)before choosing the Cadillac.This is not an understatement,not a vip cars or a simply north american car manufactures flag.It's a status symbol!!!

14 November 2011


Greenhouse or ivies invasion???i've never seen something like this in the city,is very impressive.

11 November 2011


It's been a long time i want to post this night pic,this house catch my attention because is completely forget by a living city as Milan and by everybody.So i decide to back one late afternoon and press my shutter,it's an unreal atmosphere like the phantoms' house,simply unforgettable!!!

06 November 2011


Francesco I Sforza (1401-1466) was the founder of the Sforza dinasty in Milan.Sforza was the first european duke to follow a foregin policy based on the concept of the "balance of the power" and the 1st italian native to conduct extensive diplomacy outside his country.Sforza modernised the city of Milan very hard.He create a very modern taxation system that generated enormous revenues for him,the city and the citizen,his court became the center of the Renaissance,arts and culture.People of Milan love him,he founded the Ospedale Maggiore now Milan University.In the pics you can see a details of his personal crest along the Castello Sforzesco wall,the dragon and the eagles are clearly visible with his firsts letters name.

31 October 2011


I dont know if you want call it old or vintage,for me this kind of buildings are a real impressive "istant classic examples" and so on.Look the windows,the roof,the walls,the outside general trim,only a dream for nowdays building,even the more advanced in technology and materials but without any "soul",flat and banals,all with the same style,you see one and you've see all,without going to new york,kuala lumpur,buenos aires,luckyly milan is full of this kind of building,hope never will be demolished to built the new ones,but always restored time after time.

25 October 2011


For the years 2011 Milan get another one record,the "Cesar Pelli" tower,tallest building in the city and in italy,part of the new Porta Nuova area,the Milano skyline change forever his face.The upper part was placed with an helicopter no more than 15 days ago.

21 October 2011


The famous Cattelan's Finger by Maurizio Cattellan placed in front of the stock market palace.Do you know why?after a serious and hard debate to move the finger away it is decided the finger can stay here,there's no other better palce for me for this piece of art.

17 October 2011


Porta Romana (Roman Gate) is one of the many city gates you can see while going around Milan.Located on Largo Medaglie d'Oro.There was an old Roman Gate facing the same direction as Porta Romana,located more closer to the city centre where now you can find Piazza Missori(Missori Square).In the 16th century another Walls system was built under spanish rules and the gate was erected,here there was a very little gate when the spanish walls was erected.In 1598 Aurelio Trezzi was commissioned to made a big arch using only a particular hard paper to create a magnificent coreography to receive in Milan Maria Teresa d'Austria promise wife of Philip III of Spain and duke of Milan.The entering of the future wife was during night in november the 30th.After that the decision to built a new gate clearly inspired by Roman triumphal arches of the Doric Order was taken.Under this door 2 centuries later Napoleone Bonaparte entred triumphally in the city.Naturally the part of the city district around is named "Porta Romana".

15 October 2011


The Academy of Fine Arts of Brera ( Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera )or simply known as Accademia di Brera,is a pubblic institution located in Milan .Founded in 1776 by H.I.M.(his/her imperial majesty)Maria Teresa d'Austria needs no presentation worldwide not only for arts lovers.The academy is not only a school, but,even a very famous art gallery with many masterpieces inside made by worldwide masters recognized everywhere by pubblic opinion as "great masters of art".Here's some little examples of what you can view inside:"Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael ,Supper in Emmaus by Caravaggio , The Kiss by Hayez , Portrait of a Young Woman by Rembrandt , Lamentation of Christ by Mantegna , Adoration of the Magi by Correggio , Canal Grande View by Canaletto , The Gentle Woman by Van Dyck , The Crucifixion by Giotto" and so on only to talk about painting.If you come to milan dont forget to visit,you'll be never disappointed.Here you can view the entrance.

12 October 2011


One of my favourite place in Milan for taking pics,riding bicycle or just to have a little walk,and with many inspirations feelings in every season is the Naviglio Martesana .Very crowded during summer and spring,located in the north east part of the city is not so much known by tourists and not visited at all but if you click on the links you can appreaciate is full fo story,and for me you can view very great and classic villas,in a typical style.Enjoy it!!!

07 October 2011


Palazzo dei Giueroconsulti in english Giueroconsulti Palace is a 16th building of Milan located in the centre of town.The construction began in 1562 designed by the architect Vincenzo Seregni ,the palace replaced an older one dated to the 13th century,only a pre-existing tower was preserved and adapted as the clock tower.The palace served as the headquarter of the "college of notable doctors" and used time by time as the seat of "stock market exchange" and the "milano popular bank" and finally as the seat of the "chamber of commerce".The palace was seriosly damaged during the 2nd world war and restored by Gianni Mezzanotte and was equipped with high tech equipements as communication lines and multimedia appliances and named "Palazzo Affari",but, the palace is still known by its former name.

05 October 2011


The summer wind,come blowin in......(Frank Sinatra).Due to particular warm weather condition is still summer in Milan and is possible again have a lunch outside.

02 October 2011


Some pics from today Ferrari owners club milano meeting in milan.The 1st car is the Ferrari f50 made to celebrate the 50 years old factory birthday,built between 1995 and 1997.The 2nd is the Enzo Ferrari as the founder name simply called the "Enzo",built between 2002 and 2004.The 3rd is the Ferrari FXX and the 4th the Ferrari Testarossa a dream for everybody in the 80's and a desire even for nowdays drivers.Which one do you want?or,do you prefer?I'll go for testarossa...useless to write these cars are always the top in every way for technology,heritage,performances,price,maintenance,details, and are only for the very happy fews.

27 September 2011


The better way to take a pic,one is posing without looking who's back or in front,near,or if there are foreground obstacles and objects.One another is thinking his own facts without be interested at all!!!!i cant loose this moment,so i pressed my shutter,AHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!see you....

25 September 2011

24 September 2011


There are not not only models and celebrities,photographer or make up and hair stylist in a runaway backstage,but even a lot of people doing their job in a professional way so everything can be ok during the models catwalk,this is one of them,is the audio and video producer,even if is written A/V technician,sorry for the backlight,see you tomorrow.....

23 September 2011


Moments before catwalk,is not time only for make up,hair styling,beauty make up models faces pictures, but even  to doing the last check for the catwalk,is time to do to the last things on models dresses to wear during the show,sometimes these are the really the lasts handmade trim,often to get more close or wide dresses or not.Is a very precision job because after there's no more time to repair an error the next step is the model on the runaway,that's why this work is do only by a very trusty dressmaker by the stylist and more experienced,also called in french "premiére".See you tomorrow.....

22 September 2011


Cars on waiting in a triple row,public transportation locked,people searching for their driver,car,or firends,total confusion reign.This is a normal Milan Fashion Week day.I forget somebody looking and taking pics as me,from a show to another.You cant imagine this stress days 10 hours each day in this period,hope this pic can give you a little idea.I forget,peole doesn't understand about fashion businees simply became slighltly mad.And the show must go on.....

21 September 2011


An istant pic taken during today Milan Fashion Week show,the first thing when models enter shows is not wear or dress clothes but doing face and hair make sometimes,very often even 2 or 3 hours before the show start,so photographer and journalist can do their job,intervewing,taking pics.If you want to follow live streaming shows from milan fashion week go (italian fashion show association) and enjoy, hope you like it,see you tomorrow with another pic from this week.

19 September 2011


The Basilica of san Simpliciano is a church located in the centre of Milan,is the 2nd oldest in the form of latin cross,erected by Saint Ambrose in the 374-397 A.D. which was finished by his successor Simplicianus who's was buried here.In 1176 the church became famous,as legend telling,the bodies of the martyrs housed here flew as doves in the field of Legnano battle where Frederick I "the barbarossa" the german Holy Roman Emperor was forever defetated and catched out from italy by the Lombard League in particular by the  company composed by foot soldiers called The Company of Death leaded by Alberto da Giussano .

16 September 2011


One of my night pics from the milano-THE PAC- (the contemporary permanent art exhibition),taken during a particular clear night lights,see you.......

11 September 2011


 Another pic taken during the milan fashion week,models striking the pose,everybody taking pictures,LOL!!!

07 September 2011


Finally back from holidays,it was a nice beautiful warm and cool day so i decided to take this pic,hope to have good time reading and leaving comments on your blogs folks,see you......

30 August 2011


It's not time yet to come back in the empty and hard warm city,thank you all for the comments,as soon as i'm at home i go on visit your blogs and leaving comments.I go to the internet points today to download mail and so on,i've see your comments on my drafts,i appreciate so much,i looking a little trough your blogs,thank you all.When i'm at home in a week i'll go on with normal visits to your sites and leaving comments........see you......

24 August 2011


Another sad holidays image of the city,never seen before,that's why the 70% of the people is at the sea or away to catch the very high unbelivable african temperature as usual in summer here.

19 August 2011


Few tourists in "Simplon Park" with the "Arch of the Peace" for these warm summer holiday days in the city.

16 August 2011


Normally this way in the ancient part of the city is so crowded,is very impressive seeing empty with lone man walking

11 August 2011


Thank you all for the comments and feedback,i'm not online so much during this period it's holiday time here,so im packaging from a day to another without my home internet,so today i'm back and i'm going round the city a little,due to the wonderful weather to shooting a little,this is a little example,tomorrow going away again,thank you folks!!!!!i love you,hope you love this image,i'm leaving a comment to you as soon as possible.bye!!!bye!!!

06 August 2011


One pic of the few Roman ruins in the city,called "colonne di San Lorenzo".

28 July 2011


For the end of the month,the stock exchange palace.Palazzo Mezzanotte (Mezzanotte palace)is a 20 th century building located in Business Square(piazza affari).Spotted during a late spring afternoon.

20 July 2011


The Pirelli(world 5th largest tyre manufacture) tower,by the architect Gio Ponti and Pier Luigi Nervi.Began in 1956 and ended in 1960 was the tallest building in the country for over 50 years before "palazzo lombardia" was built.It became not only a symbol for Milan but also of the national economic "boom".Known worldwide  as one of the most elegant building ever,the Pirelli tower was the inspiration for many others famous tower,one for all the famous MetLife Building (Pan Am) in NYC

17 July 2011


The castello Sforzesco main tower and door seen from inside during a clear summer day

12 July 2011


La Scala is the opera house theatre in Milan was opened on 3rd august 1778,a previous theathre was destroyed by a fire.The premiere performance was Antonio Salieri 's Europa riconosciuta.The season traditionally open on the 7th december Saint Ambrose 's day,the feast day of Milan's patron saint.All performances must end before midnight.La Scala is famous for the "world premiere opera"(1st production) worldwide known to be the greats classics operas as Turandot and Madama butterfly by Giacomo Puccini, Europa riconosciuta by Antonio Salieri, Nabucco and Otello by Giuseppe Verdi .Enjoy the theater video gallery here.Is always considred as one of the main music temples worldwide,for many the 1st as heritage.

07 July 2011


It'a a non sense have 57 followers,more than 300 visits each days looking thorugh the draft statistics and,only comments from who's not follow the blog.Having a lot of mails with comments on the pics.May be somebody is scaring about me?LOL!!!!so i let you with my classical night capture it's a "nonsense",because i have not understand the meaning of this capture.By the way from when i opened this blog about milan i  think is one of the most visited,updated,and followed.Thank you folks!!!that's all!!!see you.....

05 July 2011


Among my favourite subjects there are historic buildings and this is the perspective i prefer to take picuters of them.