Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

29 April 2015


20th CENTURY MUSEUM a permanent artmasters masterpieces art collection from the last century.THE FUTURISM was founded in Milan by FILIPPO TOMMASO MARINETTI during early years of the century.It was soon joined by artist as UMBERTO BOCCIONI,CARLO CARRA',GIACOMO BALLA you can see massive works by them inside .A room at the last floor is dedicated to LUCIO FONTANA(1899-1968)founder of THE SPATIALISM.The museum have a dedicated room by many others artmasters as MARIO SIRONI,GIORGIO DE CHIRICO,FILIPPO DE PISIS,GIORGIO MORANDI.The well worldwide know by mass media paint THE 4TH STATE by GIUSEPPE PELLIZZA DA VOLPEDO is glad to welcome you just at the entrance.

27 April 2015


An upper view from the roof.In the middle the tallest tower is PALAZZO LOMBARDIA(2007-2010,regional gov. headquarter),with the EXPO 2015 LOGO.Just on the left GALFA TOWER(1956-1959),the name was taken from the two streets where the tower have its facades(GALvani-FAra),abandoned from some years and on sale and sqautted one time.In the right a little bit far DIAMOND TOWER(2010-2012).THE MUNICIPALITY TECHNICAL TOWER SERVICES from 1966.Just back to the antennas an hide view of TORRE SOLARIA(2010-2013)highest residential unit in the nation.The part of the city view in this photo is between the two districts called CENTRO DIREZIONALE and PORTA NUOVA.

25 April 2015

APRIL 25th 1945

Milan,april 25th 1945."Citizens,workers,general strike versus the occupation of the german,against the fascists' war,for the safety of our lands,houses,factories.As in Genoa and in Turin,put the german in the dilemma:give up or perish"(SANDRO PERTINI 1896-1990,general strike declaration).This is the national holiday day known as APRIL 25th,Anniversay of the Liberation,Anniversary of the Resistance,commemorate the end of the II WORLD WAR.Is national holiday and big demonstrations are everywhere in the country every year.Italians never forget what idiots from deutschland made during the occupation of the nation and even after their retreat just loose the war as usual.Killing pregnant girl,fathers,whole families meeting on the way without guns or army just at the see,burning buildings,beat the crap out the olds and so on.Round in the city you can see many plaques as the second pic remembering who germans are.This year the museum HOUSE OF MEMORY was permanently opened in the new part of the city called PORTA NUOVA as you see in the first pic,to remember we'll never forget our heros,give us the freedom with many US SOLDIERS and BRITISH INFANTRY dead for us.

22 April 2015


VICOLO DEI LAVANDAI(washerman corner)along NAVIGLIO GRANDE.Is one of the landmark of the city preserved from the past,find it is easy and simply.Take the ALZAIA NAVIGLIO GRANDE way on the right from THE DARSENA bridge(ancient city harbour)and in less than a minute you're there.The stream(el fosset in Milanese language) is feed by NAVIGLIO GRANDE,the washer both men and women kneel on the wooden BRELLIN(kneelers in Milanese language),the soap used by washers was called EL PALTON(in Milanese language)a mixture paste composed by ashes,soda and soap flakes.The place was named after the washermen brotherhood,not washerwomen was in charge of the service for the Milanese public and was organized into authentic workforce.Today where there was the previuos soap's shop and bleaches to the laundry workers you can find an excellent restaurant.

20 April 2015


Radio antenna world on BREDA TOWER (1954) by architect LUIGI MATTIONI(milan 1914-1961).It was the highest in italy when it was built until the PIRELLI TOWER was completed.

18 April 2015


Two of the many subjects you can see walking round the city,SAN GIOACHIMO church projected in 1881 by ENRICO TERZAGHI and the PIRELLI TOWER in italian "grattacielo pirelli","pirellone".The construcion of the tower was ordered by ALBERTO PIRELLI,to be built in the area where corporation's first factory was located in the early 19th century.Started in 1956 and ended in 1958 by architect GIO PONTI(milan,nov 18th,1891-milan,sept,16th 1979),enginereed by PIERLUIGI NERVI(sondrio,jun 21st 1891-rome,jan 9th 1979).The PIRELLONE soon became for the city people and architecture lover worldwide a cult and landmark tower.The tower was taken as model to built the PAN AM now MET LIFE BUILDING in New York City and the ALPHA TOWER in Birmingham and many others in the world.

16 April 2015


for the FUORISALONE second day i go to FABBRICADELVAPORE exhibition center.i see a lot of interesting design the 1st picture kids'toys made with trasher materials by the 2nd pic nhandamade ceramic BACCO DIVINITY by ACCADEMIA DELLE BELLE ARTI DI VERONA.In the 3rd "tai lake stone screen" by chinese designer JAMY YANG for the YANG DESIGN company

14 April 2015


The design week in the city,one is SALONE DEL MOBILE DI MILANO by big brands names,but here's another big event around and in any part the city from the centre to suburbs,THE FUORISALONE,you can see static design display everywhere.At the THE FUORISALONE you can see corporate national associations designers or new ones in search to be in production with their astonishning prototypes.Today i visit one of these places,VENTURA LAMBRATE.I choose these objects among thousands exposed.Picture 1-"the animal planet" by HEAD -GENEVE school.2nd,100% "longnorm bag" 100% made by wood by ARCNORM.COM.3rd,the 24 changing colors options as you like watch and bracelet(FES WATCH) by japanese FASHION-ENTERTAINEMENTS.4th,the dutch SUITEDSUITS with his print  by masters of art electricoutlet tile,never see something like this before.5th "spacial facade" by KADKMILAN2015.COM by ROYAL DANISH ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS.

10 April 2015


Located in the ancient middle ages city centre LOGGIA DEGLI OSII was built in 1321 by MATTEO I VISCONTI,lord of Milan.The Milanese judges from the Loggia's balcony(called parlera)proclaimed sentences and edicts.The balcony is decorated with an eagle get a prey,symbol of justice.

07 April 2015


Walking in the city,spotting this building with astonishing facade soon i named THE RAINBOW.

05 April 2015


Built by ST. AMBROSE between 379-386,is one of the most ancient churces in the city.The first name of the church was Basilica Martyrum,many martyrs of the Roman persecutions had been buried here.In the crypt 3 corps of the saints lies,one is naturally ST.AMBROSE dressed in white pontifical robes,on the sides there are ST.GERVASIUS and ST. PROTASIUS with gold suplices,red dalmatics,golden crown with palm branches.

03 April 2015


This morning,attach the EXPO2015 adv(feeding the planet,energy for life) on PALAZZO LOMBARDIA.Instead of trash milions euros for this,it's better spend milions euros for feeding who dont have or buy food.

01 April 2015

8 C

ALFA(Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili=Anonymous Lombard Factory Automobile) founded in Milan on june 24th 1915 it was under the direction of the neapolitan enterpreneur NICOLA ROMEO so it was named ALFA ROMEO.The badge used heralidc devices associated with Milan,on the right the Biscione,the emblem of the house of VISCONTI from the 14th century and on the left the city flag since 11 century.It's famous to be one of the most racing cars' brand manufacture winner ever on every part of the world and on every track before ferrari and porsche,not yet founded.It was the first FORMULA 1 MANUFACTURER WORLD CHAMPION in 1950 with NINO FARINA on ALFA ROMEO 158.This was only one of the many races winned by the Milanese brand as DAYTONA,SILVERSTONE,MONZA,INDIANAPOLIS.The brand was the first introduced many technologies innovations among car manufacturers used nowdays by many big players as FORD,TOYOTA,HONDA,GENERAL MOTORS.One for all is the TWIN SPARK.It made along his story many car entered in the story of motoring and everyday dreaming driver.Famous along his story for the custom built model,this is the last ALFA ROMEO 8 C COMPETIZIONE with a limited production of 1000 cars(500 spider,500 competizione),the last designed in Milan by CENTRO STILE ALFA before the manufacturer was close and transferred away.Dont forget if you're in the city to visit the brand musuem(24th jun 2015)new opening announced.