Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 November 2015


FRANCESCO HAYEZ  (venezia 10,feb,1791-milan,21,dec,1882)studio inside BREA ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS est. 1776 by MARIE THERESE OF AUSTRIA (1717-1780).You can see his worldwide well known paint THE KISS just inside the BRERA ART GALLERY and visit the painter studio.

28 November 2015


Night in PIAZZA DELLA SCALA.View on PALAZZO MARINO (1557-1563,renewed in 1872-1892) since 1861 the headquarters of Milan's city government it was built for the genoan trader and banker Tommaso Marino by architect GALEAZZO ALESSI.The square was designed by milanese archistar LUCA BELTRAMI (milan 1854-rome 1933) in an area dense of medieval pieces demolished for the new ex novo site.There's no much change since the new square opening in 1858.The lampposts,the cast iron founatin and the flowerbeds around the LEONARDO DA VINCI monument by LUIGI MAGNI from 1872 whic stand in the centre only to remember the genius from Vinci made in the city some of his most worldwide well known masterpieces in Milan one for all THE LAST SUPPER.

25 November 2015


The GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE II (1865-1867) one of the oldest shopping mall in the world.Named to the first king of the kingdom of Italy VITTORIO EMANUELE II (1820-1878) by architect GIUSEPPE MENGONI (milan 1829-milan 1877)connect PIAZZA DEL DUOMO with PIAZZA DELLA SCALA,is Latin cross form with the dome at the center high 47m(154ft) made by iron and glass,on the ground in the center there's the octagon with his 4 sides vaults decorated by mosaics representing the 4 continents,Asia.America,Africa,Europe.In 1867 when it was opened it was illuminated by gas by a special device ran on rails of the around the dome to swith on the gas lights nicknamed the EL RATIN (little mouse) by Milanesi.

23 November 2015


THE DARSENA DOCK a arrivals and departures for ships in the past transporting marble for the MILAN CATHEDRAL,genaral goods.This current location was determined by the construcion of the SPANISH WALLS(1549-1560).Its origin can be traced back to 13th cenury with the SAINT EUSTORGIUS CATHEDRAL pond.It was dismissed for long and only recently restore and opened new.

19 November 2015


 The DUCAL COURT.Commissioned by The duke of Milan GALEAZZO MARIA SFORZA(1444-1476),during his reign the castle became the ROYAL RESIDENCE.Designed and made by architect from Florence BENEDETTO FERRINI,decorated by BONIFACIO BEMBO and STEFANO DE FEDELI.

16 November 2015


ROMAN RUINS in the city.The AUSONIUS STONE.DECIMUS MAGNUS ASUONIUS described Milan the fourth century MEDIOLANUM when the city was the capital of WEST ROMAN EMPIRE.It dates back to  388 A.D. in his "Order of Noble Cities" manuscript says:"Everything is wonderful in Milan,the affable nature of the citizens,the circus,the temples" and so on.The stone is from 16th century for the SCUOLE PALATINE building destroyed by fire.A copy of the stone was palced inside the SFORZESCO CASTLE.

13 November 2015


A november sunset with full color sky with the BRANCA TOWER.The tower was built in 1933 in only 68 working days at the end of the MILAN TRIENNIAL,famous is the observation deck with high hospitality bar,restaurant,meeting service,the view during clear days ecompass from the highest and famous summit of the ALPS to PO VALLEY and the APENNINES.

09 November 2015


CIVIC ARENA(1805-1807)ROYAL STAGE.Frescoes by the Milanese ANDREA APPIANI(milan 31st,may,1754-milan 8th,nov,1817).It was opened by NAPOLEON BONAPARTE.It's a necoclassical style and inside can be flooded with water for NAVAL BATTLES.In 1894 and 1906 hosts WILLIAM FREDERICK CODY known as BUFFALO BILL show,who live in the city and love Milan as like no others cities.By LUIGI CANONICA(1764-1844).Some years ago after some difficulties was title to the great journalist GIANNI BRERA.

06 November 2015


A piece of the moderb city history THE CIVIC AQUARIUM(1905).A LIBERTY style building by architect SEBASTIANO was built for the 1906 WORLD'S FAIR hosted in Milan,is the only pavilion surviving from the event.Here's the facade with NEPTUNE and upper part of the fountain,the Roman god of water and sea by ORESTE LABO'.Inside there's even a big library with a great collection of biology and marine publications.

03 November 2015


STRETTA BAGNERA NARROW WAY in ancient times the STRETTA BAGNERA LANE house of the first Italian serial killer or monster of Milan.Considered by MILANESI the most sinister street in the city after hundreds years.It's L shape way,sometimes not wide enough  for a veichle.The name is from Stretta(narrow),Bagnera(baths)of Romans in Milan located here.It was home and office of ANTONIO BOGGIA(Como,dec,23rd 1799-Milan,apr,8th,1862),"the monster of milan".Who had the misfortune to visits him ended murdered,haked to pieces with an axe.The choice of this way for murder and to hide the bodies was not casual.It's shape and size of being disturbed by witnesses was minimum.The house of the killer had a cellar only can be reach by an iside house stairway,perfect place to hide the victims.The monster of milan finally was captured and hanged on apr,the 8th 1862.