Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

28 June 2014


Ask a real milanese citizen where is THE LITTLE WIDOW and it can tell you the right way,ask where is the small fountain ad it say i dont know.This fountain is called in that way because the continuous water flow is as the widow crying since their isnstallation.There are more than 400 hundred in the city from the centre to the most remote part of the municipality,all of them are officially painted in a "green lizard" colour and made by cast iron,except the one from PIAZZA DELLA SCALA(the first to be placed in 1931).The water exit part have a dragon head shape.That's why when you're invited to drink something to the Green Dragon Pub somebody is kidding you.The city crest is present in the front part.

25 June 2014


Today in Milan we have THE SEVESO SHOW.The Seveso it's one of the many rivers runs under the city,when is raining a lot is normal to have this situation,many times 3 or 4 times each year.The city administrators passes,election day after election day but the problem is unsolved from over 30 years,thank to people went to vote incapables,second-rates administrators,payed with the money tax of their own,even's a nigntmare for who have to come to work,the traffic is really slightly mad, from public to private.Thank you city hall!!!and electors.Is a pleasure pay the tax for this stinking and sad show.No one from the public authority or law say nothing.Luckily you dont perceive and see the healthy the smell of  cesspool in the air.

23 June 2014


A city June skyline close up with some landmarks and flat lights,typical for this's easy to recognized in the middle THE MONUMENTAL CEMETERY(1866)by CARLO MACIACHINI.filled with a wide range of sculptures as greek temples,a scaled down version of TRAJAN'S COLUMN and many others deisgned by worldwide artists as GIO PONTI,LUCIO FONTANA,GIO POMODORO.The main entrance known as "FAMEDIO" a massive hall of fame contains tombs of some of the city and country most honored citizens as ALESSANDRO MANZONI.Is not strange the cemetery is visited evey day by a large number of tourists.signal located troughout the cementery remenber you some of the personages buried here:ALBERTO ASCARI(the famous monza double turn is dedicated to him,where he died),CARLO CATTANEO,EVITA PERON(FROM 1955 until removed in 1971),VALDIMIR HOROVITZ,FILIPPO TOMMASO MARINETTI(the futurism artistic movement founder),SALVATORE QUASIMODO(literature Nobel),ARTURO TOSCANINI.Ont he left a part of the pic you can see a portion of GIUSEPPE MEAZZA STADIUM(F.C. INTER homebase),and on the left the old city Trade Fair.

20 June 2014


Where there was a green area or it can be a park for the citizens now a square was made for few,in line on what happens in the city during last years,all dismissed area was cemented.The square is named to the great italian architect GAE AULENTI part of the large cemented area of PORTA NUOVA PROJECT.A large number of buildings was built with no sense of style and without respect fo the typical Milano's flat skyline.I dont understand how some people was payed a lot to damaging a city or to say how beautiful these kind of aborts are.They are only influenced by somebody.

18 June 2014

15 June 2014


The Spanish Walls(Mura Spagnole)of Milan was built between 1546-1560.Ordered by the Spanish governor of the city FERRANTE GONZAGA.The wall system had an overall perimeter about 11 kms,larger than  the medieval walls.Several traits of them was reinforced by moats obtained by the numerous canals surrounding the city.The SPANISH WALLS perimeter correspond to what is known as the CERCHIA DEI BASTIONI (bastion ring).The Walls remained in the 19th century lost their militray purpose in the mid 18th century.The rests of the walls nowdays are visible from the part of the city called PORTA ROMANA to end closer to 24th of May square.

12 June 2014


THE NAVIGLIO PAVESE one of the canals part of the NAVIGLI SYSTEM in Lombardy.It's 33 km long,start from milano THE DARSENA(city harbour)and flows into the TICINO RIVER near PAVIA.It's particualr for a flight locks system along the way,some projected and designed by LEONARDO DA VINCI work on nowdays and visible,the first not so far from the harbour in the city.The channel it's a dream long over 500 years.Started under the Visconti family only as agricultural channel it was completed in 1819 under ARCHDUKE RAINER JOSEPH OF AUSTRIA and opened to navigation.The canal was closed in the 60's but work has recently to restore back to the full navigation.Since last century this was the typical street of the city made by channel.Dont forget to visit the first lock system in the city called CONCHETTA by LEONARDO DA VINCI.

10 June 2014


HOLY MARY OF GRACE(1463-1497)included in the UNESCO world heritage,inside you can view the LEONARDO'S worldwide masterpiece mural THE LAST SUPPER.

07 June 2014


Two city icons.First,MILAN'S CENTRAL STATION,the iconic point of entry into the city for anyone arriving by train.This is one of the Europe's biggest railway stations,the colossal stone edifice the terminus for a lenghty section of elevated railway running into the heart of the city.Was buil by Ulisse Stacchini(1927-31) under the fascism,inspired by UNION STATION in Washington.It combines a variety of eclectic and liberty features with an austere Roman-style monumentality and is adorned with sculptures.The central 215x50 metres front of the building,which is lower at the two sides,comprises the main covered entrance area,known as GALLERIA DELLE CARROZZE.inside the immense hall(lit by skylight)grand staircases take the passengers up to the main 25 metres high concourse and platform area.The paltform are covered over with five iron and glass arches:the central arch has a span of 72 metres and is 33.5 metres high.Opposite platform RAIL 21-sadly remenbered as the departure point for train to nazi concentration camps by idiots from deutschland,where milions died-is the Royal Pavillion,featuring classical classical style architecture.If you passing by dont forget to visit SHOAH MEMORIAL MUSEUM.The second is the MILAN'S TRAM,here's a type built in 1928 model 1500 projected on the American model by Peter Witt from the Italians engineers Cuccioli and D'Alò.Impossible thinking to visit the city for everyboby without a run on the TRAM loooking the city beauties outside his big windows.There's even a real exciting experience on board, a big night tour  with an excellent restaurant service.

04 June 2014


SIMPLON PARK in the center of the city.Originally as Royal garden and game reserve it was larger than now.After been abandoned during Spanish age for long,the area was projected and designed new in 1893 by EMILIO ALEMAGNA.The new park was Romantic English style with channels,lanes,ways rivers converges in a lake.The green was put along the sides of the park let the center free to create a great perspective view long more than 1 km.Put together the see from the SFORZA CASTLE,PEACE ARCH,the lake and SEMPIONE AVENUE.The park is bordered and closed by the fence inside you can find the SIRENETTE BRIDGE,THE TRIENNALE(1933) by GIOVANNI MUZIO,BRANCA TOWER,and a small CITY AQUARIUM.The park is covered by free WI FI and host permanent sculptures by GIORGIO DE CHIRICO,FRANCESCO BARZAGHI,ARMAN.

02 June 2014


The DIAMOND TOWER with the italian flag(tricolore).The nation day is celebrated each year on the 2nd of june.The day commemorate the referendum held by universal suffrage in 1946,in which the italians were called to the polls to decide on the form of government.With about 12 milions of votes for the republic and about 10 for monarchy the royals unluckyly loose and were sent to exile until some years ago without come back to their nation.GOD SAVE THE QUEEN forever.