Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

27 September 2011


The better way to take a pic,one is posing without looking who's back or in front,near,or if there are foreground obstacles and objects.One another is thinking his own facts without be interested at all!!!!i cant loose this moment,so i pressed my shutter,AHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!see you....

25 September 2011

24 September 2011


There are not not only models and celebrities,photographer or make up and hair stylist in a runaway backstage,but even a lot of people doing their job in a professional way so everything can be ok during the models catwalk,this is one of them,is the audio and video producer,even if is written A/V technician,sorry for the backlight,see you tomorrow.....

23 September 2011


Moments before catwalk,is not time only for make up,hair styling,beauty make up models faces pictures, but even  to doing the last check for the catwalk,is time to do to the last things on models dresses to wear during the show,sometimes these are the really the lasts handmade trim,often to get more close or wide dresses or not.Is a very precision job because after there's no more time to repair an error the next step is the model on the runaway,that's why this work is do only by a very trusty dressmaker by the stylist and more experienced,also called in french "premiére".See you tomorrow.....

22 September 2011


Cars on waiting in a triple row,public transportation locked,people searching for their driver,car,or firends,total confusion reign.This is a normal Milan Fashion Week day.I forget somebody looking and taking pics as me,from a show to another.You cant imagine this stress days 10 hours each day in this period,hope this pic can give you a little idea.I forget,peole doesn't understand about fashion businees simply became slighltly mad.And the show must go on.....

21 September 2011


An istant pic taken during today Milan Fashion Week show,the first thing when models enter shows is not wear or dress clothes but doing face and hair make sometimes,very often even 2 or 3 hours before the show start,so photographer and journalist can do their job,intervewing,taking pics.If you want to follow live streaming shows from milan fashion week go (italian fashion show association) and enjoy, hope you like it,see you tomorrow with another pic from this week.

19 September 2011


The Basilica of san Simpliciano is a church located in the centre of Milan,is the 2nd oldest in the form of latin cross,erected by Saint Ambrose in the 374-397 A.D. which was finished by his successor Simplicianus who's was buried here.In 1176 the church became famous,as legend telling,the bodies of the martyrs housed here flew as doves in the field of Legnano battle where Frederick I "the barbarossa" the german Holy Roman Emperor was forever defetated and catched out from italy by the Lombard League in particular by the  company composed by foot soldiers called The Company of Death leaded by Alberto da Giussano .

16 September 2011


One of my night pics from the milano-THE PAC- (the contemporary permanent art exhibition),taken during a particular clear night lights,see you.......

11 September 2011


 Another pic taken during the milan fashion week,models striking the pose,everybody taking pictures,LOL!!!

07 September 2011


Finally back from holidays,it was a nice beautiful warm and cool day so i decided to take this pic,hope to have good time reading and leaving comments on your blogs folks,see you......