Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

28 March 2012


Just begin this blog one year ago on march,28,2011.So today is the blog birthday,post again the image was post as the 1st picture on the blog,took just the day before,on march 27,2011.In no more part of the NEW MILAN SKYLINE because these buildings is no more in progress but just ended.Is without CESAR PELLI TOWER if you've noticed seeing and follow me.Thank you all,just a little stats from my draft,i did 55.000 visits in one year not so bad!!!the traffic origin is on top position from Thailand,second United States,third italy,fourth Brasil,fifth United Kingdom,and the most viewd post of all time is this one titled MILANO SKYLINE ,thank so much again folks!!!

26 March 2012


I've never see something like this a GRAFFITI TRAIN ,fully covered with this particular livrey,ask myself if it's for an advertisement or run for a normal passenegers service seeing the windows covered with colors and part of the main cabin.

22 March 2012


In the night,a beautiful palace,now the main headquarter of an international bank,warm lights,the moon some clouds,a great sculpture by ARNALDO POMODORO worldwide known artist.How can i miss it?i'm shooting.

19 March 2012


The Milan cathedral simply called THE DUOMO at night,here's the back part.It symbolizes Milan worldwide.This big window is very particular because is the biggst ever made in this kind of type,looking the side streetlights down you can unserstand better how tall an big is it.

15 March 2012


Sunset with a lot of low lights shining and shadows for the CESAR PELLI TOWER just part of the NEW MILAN SKYLINE during a lazy afternoon on late winter,spring is alive.

12 March 2012


Torre Galfa (GALFA TOWER) with the last lights of the day.It takes the name from the cross where the tower is located.Designed by the architect MELCHIORRE BREGA in 1956 and completed in  1959.The name Galfa is taken from the names of the 2 streets where the tower is located,Galvani and Fara.Is 109 metres tall and with 31 floors high with 2 underground floors.Is part of BUSINESS CITY CENTRE area.The center part is made by reinforced concrete with a glass and alluminiun around and layout.It was sold in 2006 for 48 milions euros,a really cheap really cheap real estate investment!!!!!

09 March 2012


Here's the milan Arena Civica(civic arena).It's an amphiteather based on elliptic shape with a capacity to hold more than 30.000 spectators on stands.It was designed by LUIGI CANONICA in 1806 commissioned by NAPOLEON BONAPARTE as theater for the navals battles due to the particular function it can be filled with the water of the NAVIGLIO .There are 4 main door entrance,the triumphal door on the south side,Porta Libertinaria on north,Prisons door,the one with the 2 towers and Pulvinare on east also called the Royal door.Many events was played here remains as part of the city history.In 1890 and in 1906 BUFFALO BILL and SITTING BULL played here together their show,the "WILD WEST SHOW" .The story of the CIVIC ARENA is closely relatd with the story of the ITALIAN NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM ,the first match was played here on may the 10th,1910.Italy vs France won by the italians with the final result of 6-2.For years was the home stadium of F.C. INTER since 1947 before going to the SAN SIRO stadium.From 2002 the arena is titled in memory of the great jouranlist master GIANNI BRERA .Nowdays is used for many events as concerts,athlestics sport,meeting.

05 March 2012


Looking this GRAFFITI asking me which fish is this?thinking a moment........a dolphin,a shark,a whale,killer whale.Mhmhmhmh!!!!!everybody can name this BIG FISH in it's own fantasy as you wants.

01 March 2012