Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 April 2013


The stadium at sunset,titled Giuseppe Meazza,two time world champion winner,also known as San Siro from the part of the city where is located(in the western part of the city).Is the homebase of the two city football teams F.C. INTER and A.C. MILAN,matchless worldwide as number of trophys.Opened the 19th Sept 1926 with the match F.C. INTER vs A.C. MILAN(6-3)with the capacity of 35.000 spectators.The stadium was renewd two times in 1956 and in 1989 when the last upper part was added reaching a capacity  for over 85.000 spectators.When the football league is over tipically during summer is used to host big internationals concerts shows.Inside you can find an interesting football history museum.

26 April 2013


The new subway LINE 5 is the 5th in the city,it's a dirverless trains system opened on Febryary the 10th.Serves the north east part of Milan,for now is only 7 stops service,when works are out in 2015 there are 12 more stops from the part of the city called BIGNAMI to SAN SIRO.Stops are made with anthi-falling system,they are closed by a mobile doors,and it works(opening and closing) only when the train stopping by.Common named in the city Lillac line for the color choosen for the layout decorations.

22 April 2013


A new building under costruction called VERTICAL WOOD because once finished as to be view and seems as a vertical wood.Who's the clever builder of this monstrosity?i cant believe is payed for this.

16 April 2013


Who can say all CLOWNS ARE SAD.I never take a graffiti pics,because seldom i considered as an art,but when i see an happy clown made as this one i press my shutter.

13 April 2013


Another day at FUORISALONE.Among the exhibitions i see in this part of the city named VENTURA LAMBRATE my attention give to these cool lights by an italian designer.I'm so happy to see many creative designers from every part of the world,show to many thousands visitors their very high end creations and explain how a masterpiece was create and made.See you...

12 April 2013


THE ORIENTAL DESIGN WEEK one of the many events part of the FUORISALONE during SALONE DEL MOBILE(every year in april form 1961) fair week.It's a real pleasure meeting cool designers from China and to chatting a little with them explaining their ideas and design concepts of the future.Every year it's a goal for every visitors seeing the future enginered project on a very early preview.There're every kind of design objects shown.You've to choose what to see,if you're interested in alternative design,interior furniture,just in time a little before to be enginered,and many handmade production excellence from evey part of the world.That's it,a real far east chair handmade by an artist more than a designer.

09 April 2013


TORRE BREDA(1954-1956) break a sad grey sky and the city layout in a end winter day,sadly the tower was the same color of the typical sad sky of the winter season,why all the skyscraper are in a melancholy grey or balck color?

06 April 2013

MIART 2013

Seen in these days during the MIART (Milan art fair)among all the masters on the show,and,all the picture taken i'll go for ANDY WARHOL,do you like art or soup?

03 April 2013


Even for who's not from Milan there are no difficulties to recognize in this flat sunset light THE STADIUM upper part shape,on the right.The RAI ANTENNA(italian national television)on the left,and the  MONUMENTAL CEMETERY upper part on the middle right.Sadly it was a really flat light sunset.