Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 May 2011

20 May 2011


Milan,the Duomo
The cathedral church of Milan,The Duomo ,dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente(Saint Mary Nascent).Begin in 1386 and finished in 1965,even nowdays there's some restoring work to do everyday,so is not yet finished now.

16 May 2011


Sorry for the bad quality lights,but,i take the picture at the same.Here you can see in the nr 1 the Pirelli Tower  completed in the 1960,it was the inspiration for the design of the Pan Am building in new york city,now Met Life building.It Was for over 50 years the highest building in italy.When in 2011 Palazzo Lombardia the nr 2 opened in march,headquarter of the region government became the tallest building in the nation.the nr 3 is the Milan Central Station opened in 1932,inspired to the Washington Union Station.The 4th is the Torre Breda.The 5th is the Torre Galfa,it take the name from the cross of the 2 ways where is located at the corner,between Galvani way and Fara.The 6th is the Torre Servizi Tecnici Comunali Milano based on a particular structure,at the base there's in the lowside a body double arch bridge.If you want to know more click on the english links.Hope to find a very sunny and clear day next time to show you part of Milano Skyline again.The next picture i have in my mind is with the Alps mountain view panorama in the surround.As suggested by Louis here the right links:Pirelli Tower , MetLifeBuilding , Palazzo Lombardia , Milan Central Station , Washington Union station , Torre Breda , Torre Galfa , Torre Servizi Tecnici Comunali , Alps .

10 May 2011


One of the many sunday morning vintage market in the center of the city

04 May 2011


A day during last winter i was striked by these workers.It was the afternoon rush hour,the city was a full of heavy traffic with people scaring and upset for beeing the 1st crossing the way,beeping the clakson.On the way i see these quite workers palying.I stop my car with my camera and i asked:"why you dont go home?"reply from one of them:"we've just finish our hard work now,we dont want go on car screaming and have something to say with somebody,we play a little,the weather is enough good and we're at home in 15minutes without stress,instead in 1 hour if we go now with this traffic".That's a real sageness lesson.So i decide to take a pic with the permission of them.Luckily my camera was with me rarely happens during my working day.

01 May 2011


Do you want to know if your weight is right?no problem insert 50cent inside the pubblic balance and you get it.There's even a list in case you're overweight or downweight for your highness,if you're male or female,the thing i dont understand is the pubblic utility of this service.Boh!!!