Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 May 2015


HEAVY AND OLD PIPES off in a late spring day.With the view toward the part on the typical and characterisctic city called ISOLA.In remember of the high known Milano's PHOTOMASTER urban world photographer GABRIELE BASILICO (Milan Aug,12th,1944-Milan Feb,13th 2013).

28 May 2015


Meet the city history at SAINT CRISTOPHER visit the must see Milano's DUCAL CHAPELcomposed by two church the old one and the new one as the noble chapel..Usually is not on the normal touristics routes because at the south border of the city.It was composed by two small churces the new one on the right you see known as DUCAL CHAPEL.It was ordered by the lord of the city GIAN GALEAZZO VISCONTI(pavia 1351-melegnano 1402)in 1398 to commemorate SAINT CRISTOPHER for the end of the plague.It was here that LUDOVICO IL MORO want to meet BEATRICE D'ESTE.A group of CRUSADERS left from here for the first CRUSADE in the HOLY LANDS on the oldest side.On May,27th,1176 ameesengers announced the victory of the LEGA LOMBARDA(Lombard League)cathcing away the invader FREDERICK I known as BARBAROSSA.

26 May 2015


The FRECCIAROSSA(red arrow).High speed italian train operated by FS(staten railways) owned by TRENITALIA inbound to Milan with the EXPO2015 logo as official carrier.

24 May 2015

MAY,24th 1915

May,24th 1915,Italy on I WORLD WAR.The square with PORTA TICINESE (1802-1814)by Luigi Cagnola is dedicated to our grandfathers who wins the war against Austria-Hungary and German Empire.As rememberer,the war bullettin of the victory:"The remnants of waht was one of the world's most powerful armies are returning in hopelesseness and chaos up the valleys from which they have descend with boastful confidence."The city square 24th of may is dedicated to them.

22 May 2015


Milan was striked by palgue in 1630,suppose to be spread by a group of people called "UNTORI".A day GUGLIELMO PIAZZA  who was accused by two women to be an "UNTORE".After an horrible torture the man reveal that a barber GIAN GIACOMO MORA  with the shop on CORSO DI PORTA TICINESE used unguents and cream for his work to spread the disease.The barber was arrested and tortured.Both were taken to PIAZZA VETRA where left on public display dead and after burnt alive an cast in a closer canal.The barber house and shop was destroyed and a granite INFAMOUS COLUMN was set as remainder for all.In 1778 the column was removed.Nw is located in the ELEPHANT'S COLONNADE inside SFORZESCO CASTLE.

18 May 2015


The little PONTICELLA(small bridge) on the side of the CASTELLO SFORZESCO(1360-1499) by artmaster Donato "Donnino" di Angelo di Pascuccio known as BRAMANTE(1444-1514).It serves as private duke's apartaments direct enter.Never see open to the public.

15 May 2015


PALAZZO DEL SENATO(1608)now as staten archives.Began under the cardinal FEDERICO BORROMEO on the site of an existing monastery.Works by architects AURELIO TREZZI and FABIO MANGONE.The building became the CITY GOVERMENT BUILDING in 1786 under the Austrians and during the Kingdom of Italy in 1814.The bronze sculpture MERE UBU just outside on the way was donated by artmaster JOAN MIRO.

11 May 2015


THE ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS OF BRERA public school since 1776.Founded by MARIA THERESA OF AUSTRIA with the objective to teach arts.Dont forget to visit the precious art collection inside,always one of the fine art musuem around.

09 May 2015


May 13th 1909,the first GIRO D'ITALIA (bicycle stages race tour of Italy)started from Milan PIAZZALE LORETO.Tomorrow the 98 edition begin because during I WORLD WAR(1915-1918)and II WORLD WAR(1941-1945)was not ran.The first winner after 8 stages and 2.400 kilometers was LUIGI GANNA(1883-1957).The champions with many wins are:ALFREDO BINDA,FAUSTO COPPI,EDDY MERCKX.For over 50years departed and arrived in the city a plaque was posed in Milan to remember it.Today the 98 edition start from San Lorenzo al Mare to Sanremo and after 21 stages and 3.500 kilometers the last stage depart from Torino to end in Milan on may 31st.

07 May 2015


In MILAN we've the original in NEW YORK CITY they've the copy.The statute is titled THE NEW LAW(1810) luckily the name was changed.You can admire the staute on the left facade of the DUOMO DI MILANO by CAMILLO PACETTI(rome,may the 2nd 1758-milan july the 6th 1826),made this materpiece.There's only one be suspicios of the fake.

05 May 2015


The city ROYAL VILLA (1790-1796) from the gardens side(back) by LEOPOLDO POLLACK(wien 1751-milan 1806),commisioned by the count LUDOVICO BARBIANO di BELGIOSO.The villa has two facades one on via Palestro and the other,the main,on the beautiful English garden style designed by count ERCOLE SILVA.Don't forget to visit the masterpiece art collection inside with works by ANDREA APPIANI,ANTONIO CANOVA and many others.The French NAPOLEONE BONAPARTE chose it as his Milanese residence.Foolishly the main facade you see in the first pic and the English garden is forbidden for who want to come inside without a child less than 12 y.o.The clever MILANO MUNICIPALITY information palque is clear;you're fire in a rude way by rude guards.Never see nowhere before around the world.

03 May 2015


 THE DARSENA it was the city commercial port since the early 70's weher NAVIGLIO PAVESE and NAVIGLIO GRANDE canals enter in town.Before it was located in near of BASILICA DI SANT'EUSTORGIO (3 KINGS RELICS INSIDE).This was buil on the vill of the Milan Spanish governor Pedro Enriquez de Acevedo Count of Acevedo in 1603.The waterways called NAVIGLI SYSTEM (LEONARDO DA VINCI JOB) was used from the 12th century to bring in the city the marbles blocks from LAKE MAGGIORE for the new city cathedral known as THE DUOMO(dedicated to Saint Mary of the Nativity) along NAVIGLIO GRANDE.Foolishly closed  in the 70's,soon become one of the most degraded part of the city.Intelligently was opened 2 weeks ago for the EXPO2015.The part of the city is common know and called as NAVIGLI DISTRICT.

01 May 2015

EXPO 2015

Let the EXPO 2015 begin from May the 1st to Oct the 31st together with the national WORKERS DAY HOLIDAY.