Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

27 March 2016


  For EASTER a capture from one of the hundreds spires from the DUOMO DI MILANO ranked many times the most beautiful cathedral wolrdwide.

17 March 2016


One of the four sides of the GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE II (1865-1877)named to the first King of Kingdom of Italy.By archistar GIUSEPPE MENGONI (1829-1877) died by accident falling down from the roff gallery he had built,connects 2 of the most famous landamarks in the city,PIAZZA DELLA SCALA and PIAZZA DEL DUOMO DI MILANO.

14 March 2016


PORTA GARIBALDI (1826-1828) prevously named PORTA COMASINA because was the starting of the old way to COMO.The customs houses were added in 1836 and the gate is in DORIC STYLE,the district of the city around take the name from the door(PORTA GARIBALDI).The door was built to commemorate the vist of FRANZ JOSEPH I OF AUSTRIA in Milan when the city was under AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN EMPIRE with house of HABSBURG-LORRAINE.Thank to them Milan start to became the big and modern city is nowdays.In 1859 GARIBALDI and the soldier enter in the city passing by after the victories of SAN FERMO and COMO.Nowdays you can read the written on the door remembering the facts:"HERE IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ENEMY NAME,THE IRON OF THE ITALIC YOUTH RECORDED THE COMO'S VICTORIES."Another intersting fact is that during the FIVE DAYS OF MILAN march,18-22 1848,when people want to catch away the AUSTRIANS it was the second city gates conquered by Italians.

09 March 2016


MULTIPLE EXPOSURE direct from the photocamera without photoshop post production from one of the last square made in the city in the area called PORTA NUOVA.Named to the great FINNISH ARCHISTAR ALVAR AALTO (1898-1976)

05 March 2016

02 March 2016


Details from the DUOMO DI MILANO visitors' terrace,if you are in the city i suggest you to buy the lift ticket for the terraces.If is a clear day you can enjoy an amazing view from highest famous 4000's of the SWISS ALPS to the APPENNINES,MONVISO,the city skyline and an amazing sunset.