Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

31 October 2015


The last day from EXPO 2015 MILAN "feed the planet,energy for life",here's the TREE OF LIFE inspired by an opera of MICHELANGELO from LAKE ARENA in a full Italian Flag Livrey,just behind the Italian Pavilion.The tree was taken as symbol of this EXPO from every conutry,organization,visitors since the begin.

28 October 2015


ZERO PAVILION EXPO 2015 visit begin outside with the LATIN written:"DVINITUS HALITUS TERRAE","THE DIVINE BREATH OF THE EARTH".The visit inside retrace the past from the begin to nowdays.

25 October 2015


ANTONIO LIGABUE(ZURICH 1899-GUALTIERI 1965).One of the most important Italian 20th century painter ever.Here's with the LEOPARD with SKELETON from 1959 during one of the many arts shows in the city during the year.

23 October 2015

20 October 2015


KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN pavilion at EXPO 2015 MILAN.From the official website:"Archaelogies of Green,the Pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain,at the Expo Milano 2015 is a poetic intrpretation of the cultural agrarian heritage of the country,which stems from the ancient civilization of DILMUN.With ten distinctive fruit gardens,containing trees that will be fruit-bearing at the different moments throughout the six-months duration of the exhibition,the pavilion also features archaelogical artifatcs that celebrate the millenia long tradition of agriculture and perpetuate the many MYTHS of Bahrain as the location of the GARDEN OF EDEN and the land of the milion palm trees.Built out of white prefabricated concrete panels,the pavilion will be moved to BAHRAIN at the end of the Expo and once rebuilt will serve as botanical garden.The prefabricated components of the buildings,visible through the seams that connect them to one other,loosely refer to the inherent and ditinguished form of the archaelogy of BAHRAIN".For more visit the official website BAHRAINPAVILION2015.COM.

18 October 2015


THE GIUSEPPE MEAZZA STADIUM(1925-1926)commissioned by the president of A.C. MILAN 1899 and the famous tyres factory owner PIERO PIRELLI.From 1947 is the homebase of the two city SOCCER teams (A.C. MILAN 1899 and F.C. INTER 1908).The inaugural match F.C. INTER vs A.C. MILAN had the final result 6-3.According to TIMES it was at the second place as the most beautiful SOCCER STADIUM worldwide,is the largest in the nation has an all seater reduced capacity for more than 80.000 spectators,without seats it was more than 100.000.Since 1980 it was simply known in the city,but even today as SAN SIRO STADIUM,because the only closer city ladmark in the 20's was the church of SAN SIRO ALLA VEPRA.From 1980 it was named to the two city teams FOOTBALL player and 1934-1938 world football champion GIUSEPPE MEAZZA.Dont forget to visit the museum and the store inside if you're in the city and see a match.

15 October 2015


One of the most iconic church and art masterpiece worldwide,the first in his genre.SANTA MARIA PRESSO SAN SATIRO church(1476-1482).The church was erected on a primitive place erected by the archbishop of the city ANSPERTUS dedicated to SAINT SATYRUS the brother of patron saint of Milan SAINT AMBROSE.It was commissioned by the Duke of the city GALEAZZO MARIA SFORZA(1444-1476).Due to the very small space where it was erected,the archistar DONATO BRAMANTE invented the THE ILLUSION OF THE FALSE PERSPECTIVE or the VIRTUAL REALITY.As you see even from the pics you view more depth and larger,in live view is very impressive.A must see if you're in the city.

12 October 2015


One from SAN SIRO riding track.A liberty monument for HORSE RACING since 1920.Built over an old turf centre from 1888.

09 October 2015


THE NIGHT SQUARE in the new part of the city part of PORTA NUOVA district.Named to the great finnish architect designer ALVAR AALTO(1898-1976).

07 October 2015


VELASCA TOWER (1956-1958) break up the city skyline with the charateristic mushroom like a shape form or medieval tower remind.The name was taken from the ancient square dedicated to the spanish 17th century governor of the city JUAN FERNADEZ DE VELASCO.According to the THE DAILY TELEGRAPGH  in 2012 was inserted in the most awfuls buildings ever list.

04 October 2015


YURI GAGARIN FIRST HUMAN IN THE SPACE (9,march 1934-27,march 1968)russian pilot and cosmonaut.Spotted during the last street jam in the city,hosted every 2 years in milan by hundreds of artists from everywhere at work.They paint one of the longest wall in the city more than 3 kilometers.May be the biggest GRAFFITI event in Europe.

01 October 2015


CONCA DELL'INCORONATA(Incoronata Lock 1496)so called because nearby the church of SAINT MARY CROWNED(1450-1460)the famous double facade church.It was the point where THE CANAL OF MARTESANA enter in the city.A big problem was to be solved at the time.The difference in level between this canal and the BIG NAVIGLIO.LEONARDO DA VINCI eingineered and improved locks' system for the city,as you can read from CODE ATLANTICUS.This allowed a gradual low opening to increase flow water and easy regulation of the pressure.