Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

29 June 2013

26 June 2013


An upper night view from the gallery named VITTORIO EMANUELE II(first king of the Kingdom of Italy),world's oldest shopping mall.Connect two city's most famous landmarks Piazza della Scala to Piazza Duomo,often nicknamed "il salotto di Milano"(Milan's drawing room).Designed by GIUSEPPE MENGONI,and started building from the 1865.

21 June 2013


Finally summer on the new TORRE SOLARIA(highest residential unit in the country),TORRE SOLEA and TORRE ARIA.Part of the PORTA NUOVA PROJECT changing forever the city skyline.I'll never understand why some people went to school and be payed a lot to made this aborts,without sense of style and without tradition with the story,heritage of the city skyline.I dont know who's the clever brain assigned the job to the ARQUITECTONICA and CAPUTO PARTNERSHIP studio.

18 June 2013


Sunset over the MISCHABEL swiss alps from Milan.WEISSMIES (4.023 mt),LAGGINHORN (4.010),FLETSCHHORN (3.993 mt) and PIZZO D'ANDOLLA (3.656 mt) are clearly visible,not only at sunset but even during clear days.

15 June 2013

13 June 2013


FINESTERAARHORN is the highest peak (4274 mt,14 022 ft) in the Bernese Alps and in the canton of Berne.Is part of the JUNGFARU-ALETSCH world heritage site,due to its location is the less frequented than the others nearby peaks(JUNGFRAU and EIGER)because is located in one of the most remote area in the Alps,surrounded by un-habited galcial valleys.The summif of this mountain lies on the border between VALAIS and BERNE region of  switzerland.The normal route to reach the peak start from FINESTERAAHORNHUTTE classified by PD difficulty.This kind of views are my favourites from milan even if the day is not clear(usual for milan)and the difficult to take the picture is increased by the subject distance,more than 150 km,about 100 miles.

08 June 2013

05 June 2013


Streetlights form the new part of the city called BICOCCA,closer to the new ARCIMBOLDI THEATER,and the new university of Milan UNIMIB.

03 June 2013


An unforgettable view,THE ALPS skyline from Milan,here's the WEISSHORN (3.320 mt) in deutsch or WHITE HORN in english,CORNO BIANCO in italian,TETE BLANCHE in french on a late June afternoon.Located betweeen GRESSONEY  valley and VALSESIA it's  a very popular climb destination.