Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

26 December 2014


SAINT STEPHEN the day after Christmas.First martyr of Christianity.A paint by EVANGELISTA LUINI dated 1550 inside SAN MAURIZIO AL MONASTERO MAGGIORE church at Carreto Chapel show us the stoning of the saint.

25 December 2014


SEASON GREETINGS!!!after many years seeing this Christmas lights in the city,always the same,i think it is my favourite around.

21 December 2014


December 21st,first day of WINTER and the shortest day of the year.A capture from one of the sporadic SNOWSTORM in the city.

19 December 2014


CHRISTMAS LIGHTS on VIA DELLA SPIGA one of the most high end luxury way in the city with many famous brand shop.Sadly the lights are always the miserables for years.

14 December 2014


Christmas LED WHITE LIGHTS along the way i dont like at all,to much cold,compared to the old light bulb.

12 December 2014


The Spiral of Time Hill,overlooking Renato Serra avenue in the part of the city called PORTELLO where once upon a time there was the ALFA ROMEO production plant.Today the area is on redevelopment,with new residentials units business offices,a new garden,a little lake and park green areas.This hill was made recently,at the top there is sculpture of DNA.

07 December 2014


PRIMA DELLA SCALA(the opening opera of the season).Always on Dec. the 7th,the day of Aurelius Ambrosius now SAINT AMBROSE bishop of Milan(340-397 a.d.)and patron of the city.Always local holiday only in Milan and not in the rest of the nation.This year is the turn of FIDELIO opera performance by LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN(1770-1827).Traditionally heads of states,prime ministers,tycoons are in the city to see the opera.

03 December 2014


THE PANETTONE,traditional Christmas bread-like cake of Milan was born and made in the city since 1400 or before,called in local language(PANETOUN,PANETUN,PAN DEL TONI,PAN DEL TON as cake of luxury).Usually enjoyed and eaten only during Christmas period and new year's eve.Is 100% one of the symbol of  milan along with THE DUOMO,the city is not only called the LITTLE BEAUTIFUL MADONNA AREA but even THE PANETTONE'S city.It has a typical dome shape with short and large extended round shape from the base.It takes several days to made this astonishing delicacy,the original ingredients are:white flavour,butter,caster sugar,raisin added dry and not soaked(very important),bread yeast,orange pieces,cedar for bakery,eggs,salt.The word Panettone derives from the italian word "panetto"(small loaf cake).Do you want to know who invented this culinary masterpiece state of art?simply.Every 100% milanese descendant for sure reply you UGHETTO ATELLANI a falconer form a noble family,in love with Algisa,the daughter of a poor baker named Toni.To help her,the nobleman disguised himself as a baker and invented this cake.The Duke of Milan LUDOVICO IL MORO(1452-1508)agreed to the marriage wich was held in the presence of LEONARDO DA VINCI encouraged the launch of the new bread like cake.If you are in the city dont forget to visit CASA ATELLANI(corso magenta 65-67),dont ask for a PANETTONE SLICE if is not Christmas period,impossible to find it.Dont forget to enjoy THE PAN DEL TONI warm and not hot to feel the cool smell.Is tradition to preserve a slice of the cake for SAINT BLASE(feb. the 3rd)to be eat fasting.If you want to made a Panettone by yourself dont forget is not simply,you'll must be a real MASTERCHEF.

01 December 2014


PONTE DELLA BUSSA over PORTA GARIBALDI RAILWAY STATION in the part of the city called ISOLA in the north part of the city.From onr part you can see the old part of the urban contest on the other part you can see part of the NEW MILANO SKYLINE of PORTA NUOVA and part of  CENTRO DIREZIONALE.