Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

28 July 2011


For the end of the month,the stock exchange palace.Palazzo Mezzanotte (Mezzanotte palace)is a 20 th century building located in Business Square(piazza affari).Spotted during a late spring afternoon.

20 July 2011


The Pirelli(world 5th largest tyre manufacture) tower,by the architect Gio Ponti and Pier Luigi Nervi.Began in 1956 and ended in 1960 was the tallest building in the country for over 50 years before "palazzo lombardia" was built.It became not only a symbol for Milan but also of the national economic "boom".Known worldwide  as one of the most elegant building ever,the Pirelli tower was the inspiration for many others famous tower,one for all the famous MetLife Building (Pan Am) in NYC

17 July 2011


The castello Sforzesco main tower and door seen from inside during a clear summer day

12 July 2011


La Scala is the opera house theatre in Milan was opened on 3rd august 1778,a previous theathre was destroyed by a fire.The premiere performance was Antonio Salieri 's Europa riconosciuta.The season traditionally open on the 7th december Saint Ambrose 's day,the feast day of Milan's patron saint.All performances must end before midnight.La Scala is famous for the "world premiere opera"(1st production) worldwide known to be the greats classics operas as Turandot and Madama butterfly by Giacomo Puccini, Europa riconosciuta by Antonio Salieri, Nabucco and Otello by Giuseppe Verdi .Enjoy the theater video gallery here.Is always considred as one of the main music temples worldwide,for many the 1st as heritage.

07 July 2011


It'a a non sense have 57 followers,more than 300 visits each days looking thorugh the draft statistics and,only comments from who's not follow the blog.Having a lot of mails with comments on the pics.May be somebody is scaring about me?LOL!!!!so i let you with my classical night capture it's a "nonsense",because i have not understand the meaning of this capture.By the way from when i opened this blog about milan i  think is one of the most visited,updated,and followed.Thank you folks!!!that's all!!!see you.....

05 July 2011


Among my favourite subjects there are historic buildings and this is the perspective i prefer to take picuters of them.

01 July 2011


Today is her 80 birthday.It was officially opened on july,the 1st,1931.The design of milan central station was modeled on the union station-washington d.c.- .The construction proceded very slowly,due to the italian crisis and the 1st world war so the original project changed a lot since the italian prime minister,benito mussolini,wanted the station to represent the power of fascist regime.The station have no definite architectural style is a blend of many different styles especially art deco and liberty,is common to known to have invented a new style called "assiro-milanese".