Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

27 June 2016

22 June 2016


THE GIUEROCONSULTI PALACE (1562) replaced and old one date back to the 13th century totally demolished by MANNERISTIC style by archistar Vincenzo Seregni.The NAPOLEONE DELLA TORRE nicknamed NAPO TORRIANI tower it wasn't originally a clock.It was a bell tower announced PUBLIC EXECUTIONS.Only in a second time the bells was replace by clock.

19 June 2016


THE CITY UNDERGROUND RAILWAY opened in 1997 and completed in 2008.Connected with the city underground lines,runs the same way of the old northern railway removed in 1931 with the opening of the CITY CENTRAL STATION,when the city railway system was redesigned.

15 June 2016


One of the many II WORLD WAR SIGHTS remembers in the city located on PIAZZA DEL DUOMO ,the arrow on the column indicate the public AIR RAID SHELTER just in case you was taken by surprise by bombs.

12 June 2016


BUSSA FLYOVER located in the part of the city between PORTA GARIBALDI and L'ISOLA form the 50's.It's one of the most beautiful observation deck in the city at susnset,from the gratests 4000'S OF THE ALPS between Italy and Switzerland to the new closests PORTA NUOVA TOWERS as BOSCO VERTICALE (INTERNATINOAL HIGHRISE AWARD 2014,some people have nothing to do in life) and Best Tall Building Worldwide 2015 by CTBUH (other people have nothing better than award fake in life).

05 June 2016


SAN BABILA TOWER (1935-1937) prevously as SNIA VISCOSA TOWER for 14 years the highest residential unit in the city with 15 floors.By architect ALESSANDRO RIMINI (palermo,july,6,1899-genova,august,26,1976).

02 June 2016


2nd of June is the ITALIAN NATIONAL DAY and REPUBLIC DAY.Celebrated on 2nd of June every year.Commemorate the universal suffrage referendum (2nd,3rd of June1946),italians were called to choose the government between republic and monarchy.About 10 milions votes for monarchy and 12 for republic.Here's a the last year 2nd of june pic from the TREE OF LIFE made by wood and still inside EXPO MILAN 2015 with the Italian flag represented as flower.