Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 May 2014


The MERMAID'S BRIDGE(23rd,june,1842)called by Milanesi the Ghisini sister's bridge.

28 May 2014


The new part of the city called VARESINE BUSINESS DISTRICT with the new way titled to the Milanese disegner and architect JOE COLOMBO.The CESAR PELLI TOWER with the other new part of the city PORTA NUOVA from the name of the ancinet district door is closer.

26 May 2014


The last square made in the city delivered some days ago,part of the NEW PORTA NUOVA PROJECT,the square was named to another great architect after GAE AULENTI,this was titled to the finnish architect ALVAR AALTO.

23 May 2014


One of the CASTELLO SFORZESCO (1360-1499) front tower.It was commissioned by the local Lord Giangaleazzo II Visconti,now houses some city's museums and art collections.

20 May 2014


PALAZZO LITTA 1642-1761 by FRANCESCO MARIA RICHINI commissioned by count Bartolomeo Arese,one of the most influential Milanese family who became president of the senate of Milan in 1660.Inside you can find the oldest theatre of Milan(TEATRO LITTA)still in use.

18 May 2014


BRANCA TOWER is the city panoramic tower loctaed in PARCO SEMPIONE one of the many in the city.It's 106 meters high,on the top of the tower during clear days you can enjoy 360 the view from the 4000's alps of switzerland,the Apennines,the Po valley.The tower was deisgned by GIO PONTI and opened in 1933 during the Fascist era,originally was named Torre Littoria.After the II world war it was renamed Park Tower.In 1972 it was closed form more than 30 years.In 2002 it was restructured and opened new under the name of Branca Tower from the liquor company name sponsored the restoring.

16 May 2014


Two towers,the first,a bell tower from SANTA MARIA ALLA FONTANA(1507)church by anonymous architect.Commssioned by french governor of the city Charles II d'Amboise after be healed by drinking the local spring water.The second is the abort of PALAZZO LOMBARDIA(2007-2010),regional government headquarter by PEI COBB FREED & PARTNERS,CAPUTO PARTNERSHIP,SDPARTNERS with the unbareable EXPO 2015 advertising.

13 May 2014


A night skyline view with the Isozaki tower far on the left by japanese ARATA ISOZAKI part of the CITY LIFE project.The tower it's 50 floors and 207 metres tall,once finished  is the highest building in the nation.Milan can boasts to have another abort in the sky.

11 May 2014

05 May 2014


The underground LINE 1 called by locals RED LINE because is visually indentified by red signs was opened on November the 1st 1964.The first part was from SESTO MARELLI stop to LOTTO,it was 11.8 km long and composed by 21 stops.Time after time many stops was added since 2005 and nowdays is composed by 38 stops and 27 km.The graphic part was designed by the Dutch architect and designer BOB NOORDA(1927-2010).

03 May 2014


Milano fair,located on the border between Rho,Milano and Pero closer to the A4 motorway in the west border part of the city.Opened in 2005 with a massive investement of 575 milions euro,designed by architect MASSIMILIANO FUKSAS.Is composed by covered 8 pavilions plus a big outodoor exhibition area.The area is connected to the city by UNDERGROUND LINE 1(red line)stop Rho Fiera.Will be the EXPO 2015 area with some other spaces in the neighbourhood.You can see the "LEM" in the pic work as meeting room.