Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

17 June 2011


Yesterday while i enjoy the happy hour with friends,the warm and good summer weather,we heard this old lady on the center balcony calling us.Hey you come up drinking something with me.I look to my friends' faces,we're all shocked by the request,without words.After that the lady again,hey you,is not right you only amuse yourself.OK we decide to go up.A real dreaming house on the full floor,with many masterpiece paints and others museum art pieces,11 person as waiters even with a butler.After a few i recognized the lady,one of the richest in the country,we drink a little,talking just a bit and eating something,after 1hour and half we decided to go while she's thanks everybody for the good company and apoligize with us for the particular inviting method but is completly in loneliness without parents,sons,husband,and friends as she's 92 so all are died from a long time.So i decided to take picture with my friends'comapact camera.........see you!!!!!