Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

21 May 2021


SAN SIRO STADIUM (1926-1935) took its name because the only landamark closer to the arena was SAN SIRO ALLA VEPRA CHURCH.Homebase  F.C.INTER (1908) and A.C. MILAN (1899).The inaugural match was on 19th,sept,1926,score Inter vs Milan 6-3.On 3rd March 1980 was named in honour of twice world football champion GIUSEPPE MEAZZA.Here's with the U.E.F.A. decoration for hosting the 2016 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL MATCH.REAL MADRID vs ATLETICO MADRID 1-1 after regular time.Penalty results 5 vs 3 for the winner,Real Madrid.