Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

25 February 2015


Behind MILAN FASHION WEEK,may be you never think how many professionals with high skills there're back to a fashion show.After years going around the city spotting this week,show you some people working as dressers,designers,av techinician,models,photographers and so on,this year is the cleaning company time.You cant imagine how they work hard during this week to clean locations,catwlaks,toilettes from a show to another,sometimes wiht more than 30 minutes to set a backstage like this left after show.They're always in a hurry as everybody,top models,drivers,security.The next show is scheduled in 20 minutes with hundreds or thousands guests.Everything,not only in a front row,must be ok.Thanks everybody host me during this years even to the cleaning women.See you...