Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

24 June 2015


June 24th,1910 ALFA(Anonymous Lombard Factory Atuomaker)was founded in's one of the many dreaming and inovative cars produced by Milanese manufacturer,ALFA ROMEO FLYING SAUCER also as 1900 C52 form 1952 to 1953 in the spider version in collaboration with the famous Milanese coachbuilder TOURING.In August 1915 the company was bought by neapolitan engineer NICOLA ROMEO,so the second word was added to the brand.ALFA ROMEO is one of the most winning race car manufacturer ever(first Formula 1 world champion in 1950 with NINO FARINA).The automaker is famous not only to made unforgettable high end dreaming limited expensive cars.Is the first to intoruduce on a "normal" road cars innovation technology from his racing experience adopted today by others big players automakers.Some example,ALFA ROMEO first to introduce TWIN SPARK,TWIN CAM,FUEL INJECTION,50%-50% weight distribution,COMMON RAIL DIESEL ENGINE,AUTOMATED ROBOTIC SHIFT on the steering wheel and many others to long the list.When ALFA ROMEO won worlwide races and was just a legend others famous automakers as FERRARI,PORSCHE,LAMBORGHINI,CHEVROLET,LOTUS,MCLAREN was not yet founded,so if i've to take the copy,i'll get for the original.Today the new brand museum was opened in the city,you can see all the cars made by the brand,archives,history,dont forget to visit if you're in Milan.