Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

22 June 2015


One of the supposed legends to origin of the city name is the emblem of Milan.THE HALF BOAR FEMALE.One located inside PALAZZO MARINO and the other on PALAZZO DELLA RAGIONE arch.Legend by latin LIVY,in the 6th century BC Celtic king AMBICATUS OR AMBIGATUS sent his two parents round to colonize new lands.One of the parents,BELLOVESUS had a vision,a female boar with a long haired fur.The CELTS considered the female boar a sacred animal,not a noble beast as the wolf,lion,eagle.The CELTS interpreted the vision as good auspicius to found a new city.They naming the city probably Medhe-lan,in GAELIC middle land.Later evovled into latin MEDIOLANUM(half woolen).