Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

18 October 2015


THE GIUSEPPE MEAZZA STADIUM(1925-1926)commissioned by the president of A.C. MILAN 1899 and the famous tyres factory owner PIERO PIRELLI.From 1947 is the homebase of the two city SOCCER teams (A.C. MILAN 1899 and F.C. INTER 1908).The inaugural match F.C. INTER vs A.C. MILAN had the final result 6-3.According to TIMES it was at the second place as the most beautiful SOCCER STADIUM worldwide,is the largest in the nation has an all seater reduced capacity for more than 80.000 spectators,without seats it was more than 100.000.Since 1980 it was simply known in the city,but even today as SAN SIRO STADIUM,because the only closer city ladmark in the 20's was the church of SAN SIRO ALLA VEPRA.From 1980 it was named to the two city teams FOOTBALL player and 1934-1938 world football champion GIUSEPPE MEAZZA.Dont forget to visit the museum and the store inside if you're in the city and see a match.