Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

04 May 2011


A day during last winter i was striked by these workers.It was the afternoon rush hour,the city was a full of heavy traffic with people scaring and upset for beeing the 1st crossing the way,beeping the clakson.On the way i see these quite workers palying.I stop my car with my camera and i asked:"why you dont go home?"reply from one of them:"we've just finish our hard work now,we dont want go on car screaming and have something to say with somebody,we play a little,the weather is enough good and we're at home in 15minutes without stress,instead in 1 hour if we go now with this traffic".That's a real sageness lesson.So i decide to take a pic with the permission of them.Luckily my camera was with me rarely happens during my working day.