Milan L'รจ on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

30 May 2011


The only hat i've seen on a very cold winter day


Dianne said...

The day looks cold! - I love the purple hat and scarfe

Luis Gomez said...


Miksu said...

I like your blog very much, the idea is great!! Milan looks so beautiful :) I want to visit there some day!


Kaori said...

Is this a recent photo? It still looks so cold! But purple is my favorite color and I think the hat looks great on her :D

Milanblogger said...

no is from this winter,february

Sharon said...

Love the hat.
The problem you mentioned in your comment on my site probably has to do with a blogger problem that just started two weeks ago. I can no longer comment on any site that has the original post on the comment page. Pop-up comment pages like this one are okay and the pages that show nothing but the comments are okay but the other pages don't recognize that I'm signed in and they won't let me sign in. It's very troubling. It's been this way for about two weeks and no resolution yet.

Carolyn´s Photography said...

Love purple hat and blond hair! ; )

The Cat Hag said...

Everyone still wants to pretend that winter is not really here... including me! ;)

The Cat Hag

songbird said...

love the purple hat!!!