Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

13 June 2013


FINESTERAARHORN is the highest peak (4274 mt,14 022 ft) in the Bernese Alps and in the canton of Berne.Is part of the JUNGFARU-ALETSCH world heritage site,due to its location is the less frequented than the others nearby peaks(JUNGFRAU and EIGER)because is located in one of the most remote area in the Alps,surrounded by un-habited galcial valleys.The summif of this mountain lies on the border between VALAIS and BERNE region of  switzerland.The normal route to reach the peak start from FINESTERAAHORNHUTTE classified by PD difficulty.This kind of views are my favourites from milan even if the day is not clear(usual for milan)and the difficult to take the picture is increased by the subject distance,more than 150 km,about 100 miles.