Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

15 March 2015


A late afternoon winter end lights for a lazy flat capture.Two city's icons,The highest spire of the city cathedral with the GOLDEN LITTLE BEAUTIFUL MADONNA from where the city anthem was taken.The city flag red cross on white taken from 1167 after been adopted by establishment of LEGA LOMBARDA after the PONTIDA OATH.The flag was adopted even by the Duchy of Milan and it was the same from 1395 since 1797 since nowdays.From the left spire you can see SAINT BLAISE,SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST,SAINT ALEXANDER and SAINT FELIX.Dont loose the opportunity to ADOPT ONE OF THE SPIRES go HERE,the donation is free and you can decide to give how much you want from 1 euro to...