Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

15 April 2017


On the highest spire of the DUOMO DI MILANO you can see the LITTLE MADONNA erectced in 1762.The spire was designed by Francesco Croce,108,5m (356ft) from the ground and the MADONNINA (little Madonna) designed and built by Giuseppe Perego in 1774.No building in the city can be higher than the LITTLE BEAUTIFUL MADONNA.When the first Tower in the city was built,the PIRELLI TOWER (1956-1960) by GIO PONTI tall 127,1m (417ft) a smaller replica of the MADONNINA was placed on the top.So the LITTLE BEAUTIFUL MADONNA remains the tallest place in Milan.And in 2010 another replica was placed on the top of PALAZZO LOMBARDIA the regional governement headquarter.The Madonnina is the sibject of the international city anthem song OH MY LITTLE BEAUTIFUL MADONNA by GIOVANNI D'ANZI.The city often is called with the nickname THE CITY OF THE LITTLE MADONNA not Milan.