Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

18 April 2011


leather bicycle

ice sitting room

a shark in my soup
Every year during april in milan there's the design week show,where you can preview the design objcets' future,thousands of designers from every part of the world shown their prototypes before production starting.You can see every kind of objects as,dishes,general furniture,everyday living goods and so on.I was striked by these 3:the leather and wood bicycle,the dishes titled "a shark in my soup" and the ice sitting room,in case you're interested here's the link FUORISALONE where you can see the official blog,pics,meet the designers and others useful info.This year was the show 50th birthday edition,Milan was not only a fashion capital,but even a design ones,always ready to get new tendences at first.You can see objects in every part of the city in many locations free,from the center of town to the suburb,even placed normally on the way,there're many factories event where normally everybody can go,another nice thing is that celebrities known worldwide by pubblic opinion are around as you mixed and talking about design with the normal people.May be in the next i post some other pic.......