Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

23 June 2014


A city June skyline close up with some landmarks and flat lights,typical for this's easy to recognized in the middle THE MONUMENTAL CEMETERY(1866)by CARLO MACIACHINI.filled with a wide range of sculptures as greek temples,a scaled down version of TRAJAN'S COLUMN and many others deisgned by worldwide artists as GIO PONTI,LUCIO FONTANA,GIO POMODORO.The main entrance known as "FAMEDIO" a massive hall of fame contains tombs of some of the city and country most honored citizens as ALESSANDRO MANZONI.Is not strange the cemetery is visited evey day by a large number of tourists.signal located troughout the cementery remenber you some of the personages buried here:ALBERTO ASCARI(the famous monza double turn is dedicated to him,where he died),CARLO CATTANEO,EVITA PERON(FROM 1955 until removed in 1971),VALDIMIR HOROVITZ,FILIPPO TOMMASO MARINETTI(the futurism artistic movement founder),SALVATORE QUASIMODO(literature Nobel),ARTURO TOSCANINI.Ont he left a part of the pic you can see a portion of GIUSEPPE MEAZZA STADIUM(F.C. INTER homebase),and on the left the old city Trade Fair.