Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

04 June 2014


SIMPLON PARK in the center of the city.Originally as Royal garden and game reserve it was larger than now.After been abandoned during Spanish age for long,the area was projected and designed new in 1893 by EMILIO ALEMAGNA.The new park was Romantic English style with channels,lanes,ways rivers converges in a lake.The green was put along the sides of the park let the center free to create a great perspective view long more than 1 km.Put together the see from the SFORZA CASTLE,PEACE ARCH,the lake and SEMPIONE AVENUE.The park is bordered and closed by the fence inside you can find the SIRENETTE BRIDGE,THE TRIENNALE(1933) by GIOVANNI MUZIO,BRANCA TOWER,and a small CITY AQUARIUM.The park is covered by free WI FI and host permanent sculptures by GIORGIO DE CHIRICO,FRANCESCO BARZAGHI,ARMAN.