Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

07 June 2014


Two city icons.First,MILAN'S CENTRAL STATION,the iconic point of entry into the city for anyone arriving by train.This is one of the Europe's biggest railway stations,the colossal stone edifice the terminus for a lenghty section of elevated railway running into the heart of the city.Was buil by Ulisse Stacchini(1927-31) under the fascism,inspired by UNION STATION in Washington.It combines a variety of eclectic and liberty features with an austere Roman-style monumentality and is adorned with sculptures.The central 215x50 metres front of the building,which is lower at the two sides,comprises the main covered entrance area,known as GALLERIA DELLE CARROZZE.inside the immense hall(lit by skylight)grand staircases take the passengers up to the main 25 metres high concourse and platform area.The paltform are covered over with five iron and glass arches:the central arch has a span of 72 metres and is 33.5 metres high.Opposite platform RAIL 21-sadly remenbered as the departure point for train to nazi concentration camps by idiots from deutschland,where milions died-is the Royal Pavillion,featuring classical classical style architecture.If you passing by dont forget to visit SHOAH MEMORIAL MUSEUM.The second is the MILAN'S TRAM,here's a type built in 1928 model 1500 projected on the American model by Peter Witt from the Italians engineers Cuccioli and D'Alò.Impossible thinking to visit the city for everyboby without a run on the TRAM loooking the city beauties outside his big windows.There's even a real exciting experience on board, a big night tour  with an excellent restaurant service.