Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

22 October 2014


The ducal court is the heart of the castle.Commisioned by duke GALEAZZO MARIA SFORZA trasformig during his reign the castle in a true royal residence.The monumental doorway,today walled up in the center of the right hand wing was opened in 1555,during the Spanish period,in order to provide a minumental entrance to the most frequently used room for celebrations and ceremonies.On the ground floor are the public and audience halls:chancellery,ducal rooms,room of the planks-frescoed by LEONARDO DA VINCI-,room of the colombines,ducal chapel,green room.The floor above was reached from the exterior by the monumetal principal stairway,or,by step stairway from the Portico dell'Elefante.On this floor,a hall opens up in the form of a long gallery,called the Sala Verde(green room),decorated by LEONARDO DA VINCI for the famous Festa Del Paradiso(paradise festival).The celebration took place on 13 jan 1490 commissioned by LUDOVICO IL MORO in honor of duke GIAN GALEAZZO SFORZA and his bride ISABEL of ARAGON.