Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

13 October 2014


The REST HOME GIUSEPPE VERDI simply know in the city as Giuseppe Verdi house for retired opera singers and musicians founded by the italian everyboby best known worlwide astonishing opera composer GIUSEPPE VERDI in 1896.Designed in the NEO-GOTHIC style by CAMILLO BOITO.Both everytime opera genius GIUSEPPE VERDI and his wife GIUSEPPINA STREPPONI are buried here.The astonishing opera grandmaster written about it these words:"Of all my works, that which pleases me the most is the Casa that I had built in Milan to shelter elderly singers who have not been favoured by fortune, or who when they were young did not have the virtue of saving their money. Poor and dear companions of my life!".Dont forget to visit if you're in the city is an unforgettable experience for everybody.