Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

22 April 2015


VICOLO DEI LAVANDAI(washerman corner)along NAVIGLIO GRANDE.Is one of the landmark of the city preserved from the past,find it is easy and simply.Take the ALZAIA NAVIGLIO GRANDE way on the right from THE DARSENA bridge(ancient city harbour)and in less than a minute you're there.The stream(el fosset in Milanese language) is feed by NAVIGLIO GRANDE,the washer both men and women kneel on the wooden BRELLIN(kneelers in Milanese language),the soap used by washers was called EL PALTON(in Milanese language)a mixture paste composed by ashes,soda and soap flakes.The place was named after the washermen brotherhood,not washerwomen was in charge of the service for the Milanese public and was organized into authentic workforce.Today where there was the previuos soap's shop and bleaches to the laundry workers you can find an excellent restaurant.